Giant is starting to really get good- before, I found myself constantly waiting for the real action to take place, and it finally seems as if it’s going to. Revenge has never been sweeter. But I haven’t quite reached that point yet in my watching. So I’ll write about something more prominent to the point of sad in this drama- the fact that Kangmo and Mijoo are befriending the enemy without even knowing it.

It’s not even the real enemy- it’s their kids. Kangmo grows up under Hwang Taeseop all his life and treats him like a father, and he finally wins the heart of Hwang Taeseop’s daughter, Hwang Jeongyeon. However, their blissful love quickly comes to an end after Seongmo tells Kangmo about the truth behind their father’s murder. Kangmo decides to leave Jeongyeon because of this after realizing that he fell in love with a woman who he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with.

As for Mijoo, she starts bumping into Kang Minwoo more and more often, and they soon develop a fatal attraction to each other. They rule the show for a few episodes with their sweet love story, but more often than not (as seen in dramas like this), their love cannot be. They also reach an obstacle- the fact that Minwoo’s father Jo Pilyeon murdered Mijoo’s father is an unforgivable fact, and the past cannot be changed.

Both Kangmo and Mijoo’s stories end because of the sad truth that ensues. Without knowing, they have befriended the enemy. I just have to applaud the screenwriter for the turn of events though. I was hoping that the initial love story between Kangmo, Jeongyeon, and Minwoo would not end like the love triangle that took place in East of Eden, and luckily, it didn’t. Thank goodness. Or else I would’ve died- it would have been just like King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, leaving me fuming with anger and sulking with disappointment.

Now the revenge begins- hopefully not everyone gets hurt, just those that truly deserve it.