Not only is this drama pulling at our heartstrings (no pun intended), but it’s also spreading love everywhere. We’re not even that far into the drama yet, but our main leads are already falling for each other. Awww.

I was actually quite surprised at how quickly Lee Kyuwon starts falling for Lee Shin. She meets him but is turned off by his arrogance and coldness. However, when she sees him performing and pouring his heart out into the performance, she begins to like him.

Now let’s look at this from Lee Shin’s perspective. From the start of this drama, Shin has been pursuing professor Yoonsoo (who is, by the way, 12 whopping years older than him). He finds Kyuwon a nuisance and doesn’t have any interest in her.

By episode 7, Kyuwon decides that she should stop liking Lee Shin because it’s only hurting her more and she still thinks that he likes professor Yoonsoo. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Shin is slowly falling for Kyuwon as he’s decided to give Yoonsoo up. While he is warming up to her, she’s starting to distance herself from him.

In essence, the love story between our two beautiful leads is finally starting. It’s just so frustrating to see Kyuwon stopping herself from liking Shin while Shin’s starting to finally like her.