These recent years have been aimed at Korean tourism and promoting the country as a place that you surely want to visit. So with the launching of all these tourism sites, many contests have been created in order to reward people like us for having some interest in the Korean culture and entertainment. And with that, Touch Korea and iBuzz Korea have launched a contest to win a special prize!

So what is iBuzz Korea? It’s one of the Korean tourism sites, made just to promote travel to Korea! This site features great contests to get everyone from all over the world involved, and this is just another one of those awesome contests.

In this contest, we were asked to pick one out of three videos to share online with others either through our  Facebook, Twitter, or blog. I chose to do this through my blog because I feel like I can also write a bit about my sentiments regarding Korea as a whole while also helping to promote Korean tourism.

The video I chose highlights Korea’s recent economic growth in the world and it brings the country alive. The video manages to go back to the past and show a bit of Korea’s economic growth and prosperity throughout the years, and I love how at the end of the video, we get to see a Korea filled with lights and life. I personally love that.

Check out the video below!

Also, as the narrator says, “Touch the energy, feel the pulse,” I agree that Korea is a lively country with so much energy – just think about all the international Kpop fans, and the spread of the Hallyu wave in the form of Korean dramas.  It’s not just that, but the Korean culture in terms of food and fashion style. It’s really crazy, but it’s true – all that energy from Korea has definitely gone around to the rest of the world.

Touch Korea? I want to. Perhaps in the future..

Oh yes, and join the contest: