A couple weeks ago, there was a Shin Seunghun special on Immortal Song 2, featuring female soloists. While each competitor delivered a powerful performance, only one singer could win. And the winner was…Seo Inyoung! I fell in love with Seo Inyoung’s performance of Shin Seunghun’s “Like the Feeling of the First Time” on Immortal Song 2, so I decided to post the lyrics to it. I apologize in advance for any mistakes in the English translation, as I am not fluent in Korean. Feel free to correct me if any part of the translation is wrong.


처음부터 널 사랑하진 않았지
그저친한 친구처럼 만났을 뿐
너의 곁에 내가 아닌
다른 사람이 서 있는데
나의 맘이 왜 이리 허전한걸까

늘 가까이 있었기에
소중함을 난 몰랐을뿐
아마 처음부터 너를 사랑했었나 봐

이제는 너를 이해할 수 있어
내가 잠시 너를 떠났을 때
너의 모습이 왜 그리 슬퍼보였는지

소중한 사랑은 떠난 후에야
느낄수 있다는 너의 말을
이젠 이해할께 모두
너를 위한 마음으로 처음 그 느낌처럼


cheo-eum-bu-teo neol sa-lang-ha-jin anh-at-ji
keu-jeo-chin-han chin-gu-cheo-leom man-nass-eul bboon
neo-yeh gyeot-eh nae-ga ah-nin
da-leun sa-lam-i seo it-neun-de
na-yeh mam-i wae ee-li heo-jeon-han-geol-kka

neul ka-kka-i iss-eot-gi-eh
so-joong-ham-eul nan mol-lass-eul-bboon
a-ma cheo-eum-bu-teo neo-leul sa-lang-haess-eot-na-bwa

i-je-neun neo-leul i-hae-hal su iss-eo
nae-ga jam-shi neo-leul ddeo-nass-eul ddae
neo-yeh mo-seub-i wae geu-li seul-peo-bo-yeot-neun-ji

so-joong-han sa-lang-eun ddeo-nan hu-eh-yah
neu-kkil-su it-da-neun neo-yeh mal-eul
i-jen i-hae-hal-kke mo-du
neo-leul wi-han ma-eum-eu-lo cheo-eum keu neu-kkim cheo-leom

English Translation:

At the beginning, I didn’t love you
We just met as close friends
I wasn’t by your side
A different person was standing there
But why would my heart feel such emptiness

You were so close
So I didn’t know how precious you were
But I guess I must’ve loved you from the beginning

Now I can understand you
When I left you for a moment
Why did your figure seem so sad

After I left a precious person
I could feel/understand your words
Now I’ll understand everything
From my heart for you Like the feeling of the first time