When I first started Wannabefob, I introduced a feature where I’d share my favorite songs of the week. Eunii took over this position after a week, and it went on for the rest of the year, but then we got caught up with school and what not. Well, anyways, this feature will be coming back (hopefully) for good. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will be consistent in my playlist posts, but who knows, maybe, just maybe, this will become something you can look forward to every week. So back to the main topic, go below the cut for some of our music recommendations!


Kim Bumsoo – Never Ending Story (Boohwal)

This arrangement of Boohwal’s collaboration with Lee Seungchul manages to paint the song with a new, fresh without greatly changing the song. The subtle lyrics, written by leader Kim Taewon himself, revolve around the idea of being pained by memories shared with a lover, yet not being able to return to the past.

The chorus goes:

그리워하면 언젠간 만나게 되는 / When I miss you I wish I could meet you someday
어느 영화와 같은 일들이 이뤄져 가기를 / Like the scenes in the movies
힘겨워한 날에 너를 지킬 수 없었던 / I couldn’t protect you when it was hard
아름다운 시절 속에 머문 그대이기에 /  You stayed with me during those beautiful times

Epik High – Love Love Love

Epik High’s smooth rapping joined by Younha’s mellow singing equates success. As the title suggests, this song describes the excitement of falling in love and the struggle of coping with a breaking up. Not a fan of hip-hop? Not to worry, Epik High decided to produce music with a “no genre, just music” mentality, starting with this album.


Davichi – Love, My Love

Davichi has recently released their new mini-album featuring five new songs, and this song is by far my favorite. It showcases the talents of both members and while it’s just another one of those love songs, it’s hard to get out of your head after listening to it.

10cm – Hold Me

10 cm is one of the first Indie artists that I was exposed to this year, and their musical style gives off a fresh, unique feel apart from mainstream K-Pop. This song is something that I could see myself listening to in a coffee shop while looking out the window and sipping my coffee. The lyrics are cute and the song is truly enjoyable to listen to when you want a break from the repetitiveness of K-Pop.

Haha & 10cm – Sweet Rice Cake

This song was originally from Infinity Challenge for one of the competitions that took place, but it ended up being such a hit in Korea, and with good a reason too. The lyrics are simply loveable!

The first verse goes (credits to Popgasa):

You are my sweet rice cake
You are my soba noodles
You are my peanut butter flavored dried squid

You are my hangover soup (Korea’s “hangover soup” is usually a spicy broth with beef, bean sprouts and cabbage served with rice)
You are my boodaejjigae (Korean spicy stew with kimchi, tofu, spam, etc)
You are my mookbap (a kind of “bibimbap” dish), scallops, sea squirt