So here we are again with another set of song recommendations! Go below the cut for more:


Block B – It’s Not Over (Miss S)

While Block B was bombarded with praise since the introduction of its members, I initially did not take a particular interest in them and their debut song, “Freeze!” However, I heard endless streams of praise for Zico, and figured that I should check him and Block B out. Well, I must admit, this group is talented and this song (sung by the “original” members) is pretty good for a remake.

Epik High – Run

아무리 도망쳐 봐도 벗어날 수 없어 / No matter how much I run, I can’t escape

Epik High’s ability to put meaningful lyrics with non-generic yet catchy music is really something that makes them stand out in the busy K-Pop scene even when they’re on hiatus. If you haven’t heard this song yet, check it out, because it is definitely worth more than your five minutes.


JYJ- Heaven

You can’t go wrong with the three beautiful, melodic voices that formed one of the greatest K-Pop groups of all time. I love this song- the lyrics are truly heartfelt as JYJ’s Jaejoong wrote this song himself and I think that it’ll be difficult to get this song or its meaning out of your head once you’ve given it a listen.

Infinite- Paradise

I initially did not like Infinite much despite all the hype gathered around them when they debuted a year ago (or was it two?). However, they’re slowly getting my attention. I found this song quite pleasing too although I’m not sure if I really like the lyrics. Infinite sings of treating a girl better, but then they later speak of holding the girl they like captive in this “sad paradise,” an oxymoron that I don’t understand.