A week after our renewal of “Wannabefob’s Playlist,” I dished out some time and readied a new playlist post with my favorite songs of that week. Unfortunately, the post did not get published until just last week (two weeks later) because Eunii claimed to be busy. Hopefully it won’t be delayed again because of someone (*cough*).

Anyways, here we are again with new song recommendations; go below the cut for more!


JYJ – In Heaven

I initially believed that Eunii would be able to finish her portion of the previous playlist post by the end of that week, so I didn’t include JYJ’s “In Heaven” in it, thinking that it would still be relatively recent the next week. As mentioned before, this was not the case, so I am posting it here instead, three weeks after its actual release.

I feel in love with this song soon after listening to it, so much that I just had to write the romanization and translation for it (this does not happen very often). My biased self believes that this is one of the best songs of 2011, and I’m hoping that JYJ will be able to perform this song for a live broadcast. (Sorry putting this song on the playlist twice, but it’s just that great of a song.)

Infinite – Be Mine (Remix)

Infinite is one of the few groups that I can proudly say I’ve watched since debut. This remix’s orchestral accompaniment, along with its opening dance solo, adds a pleasantly satisfying twist to the original song and a typical performance.


Clover – An Oppa I Know

Sometimes it’s good to be exposed to different types of music in Korea. There’s not just K-Pop – other genres actually exist. While I believe that this song would go under the genre of “K-Pop,” it gives off a fresh and new sound unlike that of K-Pop. My interest for this song spiked upon watching the unique cowboy-themed MV. I was originally turned off, however, by the lyrics, but the song gets progressively better.

Kim Yeohee – Half

Kim Yeohee (otherwise known as Apple Girl) has finally caught my attention with this song. I love the MV and the use of the ball of yarn- I found it very creative and innovative. I also enjoy the song, which isn’t too upbeat but just upbeat enough to keep your ears wanting more.

Kwon Jinwon – Happy Birthday to You

Now let’s go to an older song from the past. Unless you’ve listened to K-Pop for a while or randomly stumbled upon this song (as I did), then you probably never heard this track. I really love this song – in a nutshell, it’s about all the things a guy does for the birthday of a certain girl that he likes. If only all guys were like this.