With SBS’ Thousand Day Promise set to air its pilot episode on Monday, its press conference was released, along with a second teaser, closely following the opening of its official SBS site.

Thousand Day Promise, starring Soo Ae (9 End 2 Outs, Athena: Goddess of War) and Kim Raewon (Attic Cat, Love Story in Harvard), tells the story of Seoyeon, a woman who is gradually losing her memory, and her lover, Jihyung, who loves her unconditionally.

The official SBS website features (from left to right) teaser videos, a message board, a photo gallery, press releases, and an event to attract supporters (?). It also switches between two images, a shot of the two leads, and a solo shot of Soo Ae, each with different captions. The former (above) reads:

It’s Okay
Don’t be Afraid
The you that lives inside my heart won’t disappear

The latter reads:

I love you I’m sorry Thank you

Even if I disappear, remember this heart

While the burdensome label “sad melodrama” is attached to Thousand Day Promise (as the overall concept appears to be), the second teaser seems to say otherwise, as displayed in the latter half.

Anyhow, I am pretty hyped for this drama; besides boasting experienced actors, Thousand Day Promise also boasts writer Kim Soohyun (not to be confused with the young actor) and more than half of the drama has been reportedly filmed already.

In addition, a plethora of photos from Thousand Day Promise‘s press conference have been posted on various Korean news sites (I will not post any because there are waay too many); below is a video from the press conference including a three minute preview of the drama:

Last but not least, don’t forget to catch Thousand Day Promise‘s pilot episode on Monday at 9:55pm on SBS!