Here we are with another week of Wannabefob’s Playlist!

Sung Sikyung – Even Now (난 좋아/I Like)

I became a fan of Sung Sikyung after hearing his duet with IU, “It’s You” and then his track “You’re My Spring” for the “Secret Garden” OST. Everything about this song — the instrumental, lyrics, and music video, made me fall for it at first sight/listen. Pretty everyday Hong Kong scenery plus sweet vocals and I’m sold.

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

These past few weeks have been full of [idol] comebacks, many of which were highly anticipated. I’m afraid that this particular one, though, did not receive as much international popularity as others, not because the song wasn’t good, but because the artists weren’t singing a catchy song with coordinated dancing to go with it. (This is not to say that Davichi did not receive attention for Don’t Say Goodbye — in fact, they received [generally] much attention and popularity for it.) I too was too caught up with idol comebacks, only falling in love with this song just recently.


Nangman Band – Replay

Just discovered this group in my subscriptions list on Youtube, and I love them (although I’ve only heard this song from them). Welcome to the world of Korean Indie, the genre of music that is slowly becoming my specialty here. I find this song so beautiful to listen to as the voices blend together and the instrumentals are also amazing. Please give it a try.

Urban Zakapa – Fly Away

I really love my K-indie and those amazing instrumentals! I love Urban Zakapa – this is one of my favorites, if not my favorite Indie group. All of their songs are just so calming and soothing to listen to, not to mention melodious and beautiful.

Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl

I am really out of the whole Kpop scene. Yet this video popped up in my subscriptions and I watched it, listened to the music, and read the English lyrics. And this song is not bad, not bad. Although the fruitiness of these idols is killing me. Just another reminder of why I stopped listening to Kpop in the first place. But aside from that, I think that this song is okay.