Go below the cut for this week’s music recommendations!


Wheesung – The Guys Are Coming ft. Ailee

I honestly did not expect much of Wheesung’s last album before his army enlistment, but this track sure proved me wrong. Ailee’s American-influenced rap comes together with Wheesung’s soulful voice  to create a track sure to be enjoyed by fans and [non-]fans alike.

Wang Leehom – Still in Love With You

So yeah, my sister and I are big on Korean entertainment, but before that, Taiwanese entertainment was “it” for us. Taiwanese dramas, actors, singers, movies, and such were the topic of our conversations. Sometimes, we have little sporadic occasions when we turn back and relish the goodness of Taiwanese entertainment. (Hint: This is one of those occasions.)


C-REAL – No no no no no

So…I think that this is a new group. Although I’m not sure, because I don’t really follow K-Pop anymore. But when I heard this song, I fell in love with it. Although I don’t know if these girls are truly talented (music shows will show us that), I like what I’m seeing so far.

2Boram – 2Love

This duo, a project group ftormed by Loen Entertainment, consists of two singers named Boram – one from K-Pop group Seeya and the other a previous contestant of Superstar K 2. Although it’s just another song about love and breaking up, I enjoyed listening to the beautiful voices of these two and the emotions in their voices really tugged a my heartstrings.

Tablo – Bad

Epik High may have been missing in action temporarily because of various other duties that each member has, but Tablo has recently released a solo album of songs that he has personally produced and written. This guy is talent, and the lyrics to his songs are so meaningful and deep, beyond the shallow nature of K-Pop.