With Thousand Day Promise steadily approaching its fourth episode set to air tonight, its plot and characters are falling into place and the stage is set for the main conflict to unravel. [SPOILERS INCLUDED]

Episodes one and two introduced characters, relations, and plots, some of the more significant being:

1. [leads] Park Jihyung and Lee Seoyeon’s passionate love affair and subsequent breakup due to
2. Jihyung’s engagement to Hyanggi, both of whose fathers are directors at the same hospital (Hyanggi’s father being Jihyung’s father’s authority)
3. Seoyeon’s blood ties — younger brother Moonkwon, and aunt and family that raised her and her brother when her mother abandoned them, including cousin Jaemin, Jihyung’s friend
4. Seoyeon’s constant headaches, forgetfulness, and absentmindedness that ends up in
5. her visit to the doctor who states the possibility that she is heading towards dementia

Episode 3:

While the first two episodes introduced the idea of protagonist Seoyeon losing her memory, episode three confirmed it, with Seoyeon’s second visit to the doctor.

Seoyeon walks into her second doctor appointment with an optimistic smile, soon met with the doctor’s grave words of her having Alzhemier’s . Although the doctor initially told her to bring a family member with her, she claims she has none – she has been and is reluctant to let others worry about her. She refuses to believe it, telling the doctor that she’s only in her thirties – but only to no avail. The rest of the episode highlights Seoyeon’s struggle to cope with this news as it dominates her thoughts, the episode four preview revealing Jaemin and Moonkwon learning of her sickness as well.


Something that I didn’t really expect from Thousand Day Promise was the passionate love between the two leads. Naturally, because this drama is about a woman’s lover staying true to her even as she loses her memory, I expected their love to be more pure (without little or no bed scenes). Aside from that, the drama was pretty much what the plot made it out to be. As Lee Seoyeon and the people around her find out that her memory is deteriorating, I feel that her relationship with Park Jihyung will develop into what I initially thought it would be, with Jihyung assuming the role of her guardian and struggling to stay loyal through their tough times.

The plot is developing at a steady pace so far, with perhaps the most essential establishment – that Seoyeon has Alzheimer’s – being set in stone. As much as I will hate to see Seoyeon her loved ones struggle because of her impediment, I’m excited to get to the “real” action, where the plot develops from what we’ve known even before the drama began. I’m also interested in how Jihyung will get back into the main picture in the next few episodes (hopefully) upon hearing the news.

Note: The photos I used in this post are mostly all of just Soo Ae because I could not find any good suitable for all ages photosets that summarized episodes one and two.