The Shin Seunghun female vocalist special on Immortal Song 2 was sure filled with very talented performances; about a month-and-a-half ago, I translated/romanized Shin Seunghun’s Like the Feeling of the First Time after watching Seo Inyoung‘s rendition of it, and here I am again, translating/romanizing Shin Seunghun’s You Are Just at Place Higher Than Me after watching Lee Haeri‘s breathtaking cover.

I found this song easier to translate than I thought it would be and am 90% confident on my translations below, but as always, feel free to correct me if any part of it is wrong ;)


나 다시 태어나도
너만을 사랑할꺼야 나의 전부인 너만을
다시 태어나 그대가 없다면
또다른 세상을 기다리며 살꺼야

넌 편히 잠들면 돼
그리고 기억하면 돼 사랑했던 내 모습
다음 세상에 우연히 만나도
그냥 스쳐지나가는 일이 없도록

* 다시는 볼 수 없다는 걸 알고 있어
너의 숨결도 마지막이란 것을
하지만 난 지금 헤매이고 있어
넌 분명 이 세상엔 없는데
그래도 이젠 나 울지 않아
나 보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을 뿐
더 이상은 슬프지 않아 습관처럼 하늘만 볼 뿐
너와 난 함께 있는 걸

* repeat

그래도 이젠 나 울지 않아
다음 세상 우리 만날 때 서로 다른 모습이라도
난 너를 찾을 수 있어


na da-shi tae-eo-na-do
neo-man-eul sa-lang-hal-ggeo-ya na-ye jeon-bu-in neo-man-eul
da-shi tae-eo-na keu-dae-ga eob-da-myeon
ddo-da-leun se-sang-eul ki-da-li-myeo sal-ggeo-ya

neon pyeon-hi jam-deul-myeon dwae
keu-li-go gi-eok-ha-myeon dwae sa-lang-haet-deon nae mo-seub
da-eum se-sang-eh oo-yeon-hi man-na-do
keu-nyang seu-chyeo-ji-na-ga-neun il-i eob-do-lohk

* da-shi-neun bol su eob-da-neun geol al-go iss-eo
neo-ye soom-kyeol-do ma-ji-mak-i-lan geos-eul
ha-ji-man nan ji-geum he-mae-i-go iss-eo
neon boon-myeong ee se-sang-en eob-neun-de
keu-lae-do i-jen na ul-ji anh-ah
na bo-da jo-geum deo nop-eun gos-eh ni-ga iss-eul bboon
deo i-sang-eun seul-peu-ji anh-ah seub-gwan-cheo-leom ha-neul-man bol bboon
neo-wa nan ham-kke it-neun geol

* repeat

keu-lae-do i-jen na ul-ji anh-ah
da-eum se-sang oo-li man-nal ddae seo-lo da-leun mo-seub-i-la-do
nan neo-leul chaj-eul su iss-eo

English Translation:

Even if I am born again
I’ll only love you; you alone were my everything
If I’m born again without you
I’ll live waiting for another world [with you]

As long as you’re sleeping peacefully
and remember me who loved you
Even if we coincidentally meet in the next world
[I would be satisfied] As long as it wasn’t just a passing occurrence

* I know that I can’t see you again
And that that was your last breath
But I’m wandering right now-
You’re clearly not in this world
Even so, I won’t cry anymore-
You’re just in a place a little higher than me
I won’t be sad anymore and I’ll just look at the sky as if it’s a habit
[As if/thinking about when] you and I were together

* repeat

Even so, I won’t cry anymore
When we meet in the next world, even if we [find that] we have changed
I will [have] to find you**

**or ‘I will be looking for you’