Hello everybody! Since there was no playlist last week, this week’s playlist is twice as good! (Not really, but it’s Pepero day-Veteran’s Day-11/11/11 so at least one of them can make up for it, right?)


Noel – Despite Holding On

I first listened to Beast’s rendition of this song just to hear Junhyung sing and proceeded to listen to Noel’s original version; coincidentally, this happened around the time of Noel’s comeback, so it further prompted me to take an interest in Noel. Like many of Noel’s other songs that I have recently discovered, Despite Holding On is a soothing, yet addicting ballad. Below is a recent radio performance of Despite Holding On.

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

Yes, I like this song. And yes, I’m a WonderFul. It’s really been too long since Wonder Girls came out with new songs (not to say that I was getting impatient or anything, but us WonderFuls can’t live off of Wonder Girls’ first album forever). Despite fans’ request that Park Jinyoung back off with the retro theme in Wonder Girls’ newest release, Be My Baby  is definitely retro — but not without a fresh twist to it.

Wonder Girls – Dear Boy

My favorite track on the album, hands down. Wonder Girls’ first album, released with Tell Me, was noticeably more ballad-centric with Friend, Take It, Wishing on a Star, and A Sorry Heart, while this album is filled with much more American-influenced fast-tempo pop. Although ‘Wonder World’ is filled with lots of good upbeat songs, ballads like this one are what really made me a fan of Wonder Girls’ music.

Eunii: I promised to post an indie song every week but I didn’t get to find any good ones this week. Sorry! So instead, this week is just a Tablo-filled one (:

Tablo (ft. Taeyang) – Tomorrow

I’m getting so addicted to Tablo these days. I find his lyrics and raps so real – none of it is fake or superficial. The feelings conveyed in his rap can probably relate to most of us.

Tablo – Dear TV

Whether it’s Korean or English, Tablo’s rap always impresses me. I find it full of so much meaning and his vocabulary is to such an advanced level that I have trouble understanding some of the words he uses. Talk about an educated and sophisticated rap.