Yeeun and Sunye (Wonder Girls) – When You Believe

So I rarely (as in a few times a year) download performances, and even more rarely download Wonder Girls performances (as much as I love them, I only have one WonderBang performance on my hard drive), but I just had to download this performance in HD. And just that says a lot. As Yeeun picked this song for her audition to Wonder Girls because it gave her strength, I put this song (more specifically, performance) in this week’s playlist because their singing gave me strength.

T-ara – Cry Cry

Although I was disappointed by the comeback performances of this song, this song’s audio alone is enough; it’s catchy, fresh, yet still T-ara. Watch the fifteen-minute-long music video below, or just just listen to the audio as I did.

Dongwoon, Yoseob, Junhyung – Dreaming

Dongwoon and Yoseob’s singing is complemented by Junhyung’s rap to make a delightful and sweet OST track. Composed by BEAST’s very own Junhyung, this track gives me another reason to watch Me Too, Flower.

Eunii: I listened to quite a  few good songs this week!

Jinwoon – Not Now

This song is very reminiscent of Korean indie music and it’s been stuck in my head these past few days. The melody and lyrics give me a light and carefree feeling.

Crispi Crunch – Goldfish

Now let’s tone down the soft rock and put in a ballad song with some soft rapping blended in. This song speaks of a broken heart, which isn’t something new for Korean ballads or Korean songs in general.