So I thought about whether or not I should do any year-end posts on this blog. And I decided I should. But then before I knew it it was the year end and so here I am posting my “reflection of 2011” in 2012. Oh, well.

JOO – Bad Guy/After Staring At (1.04) (music video above)

After returning to trainee status in JYPE having already debuted, JOO finally made a comeback early this year. I was pleasantly surprised upon listening to her new album, Heartmade, especially her title track, Bad Guy. The music video of Bad Guy is creatively put together, portraying a storyline very fitting for the lyrics of Bad Guy. After Staring At is one of the noteworthy tracks in the album, as JOO took part in the lyrics and composition.

Kim Bumsoo and Taeyeon – Different (1.31)

Throw two of Korea’s most powerful vocalists together and what do you get? Nothing much, other than the excited comments of a few netizens. But when put together with a carefully-selected track, why, you’ve got a hit on your hands! This track is a perfect display of what happens when you fully utilize the vocals of the talents you have at hand.

Dream High – Don’t Go/Can’t I Love You (2.07)

Dream High♥ A cappella versions of songs always make me like the artists/songs more, and these songs are no exception. The a cappella performances of these two songs put on by the sets of pairs of characters in Dream High were some of the best of the drama; likewise, these OST tracks were some of the best in the drama.

Zitten – Sunshine (2.08)

This track has the privilege of being the only indie track on this whole list. And that says something — that I am underexposed to Korean indie. (It is hard when you have to find updates on your own. ): ) I love the bright, sunny feeling this song gives off formed from the combination of the guitar plucking and soft singing. (If anyone knows any songs that sound like this, please comment as I am eager to discover more indie songs/artists.)

Lee Hyun – Heart Beat (ft. Song Heeran) (2.15)

Oh, how I love hearing harmony between male and female vocalists. Lee Hyun and Song Heeran’s voices blend smoothly, creating a sweet track full of mellifluous and harmonious vocals.

Big Bang – Tonight (2.24)

As one of the boy groups that made K-Pop what it is today, Big Bang has to have something that stands out. Tonight goes to prove this, as it is a testament to Big Bang’s ability to wow a crowd and appeal to a wide range of music listeners, not just VIPs.

Super Junior M – Too Perfect/Off My Mind (2.28)

Most of SM Entertainment’s songs have nonsensical or cliche lyrics, but, I must admit, most of them are really catchy, as is Too Perfect. Although the addition of two Korean members into Super Junior M doesn’t make up for the loss of Chinese leader Hangeng, Henry proves himself to be a rising Chinese talent, with self-written solo track, Off My Mind.