Continuation of the series of year-end (or year-beginning) posts I started yesterday. Go below the cut for more of 2011’s top songs!

Song Jieun – Going Crazy (ft. Bang Yongguk) (3.03)

What better way to showcase Secret’s Song Jieun’s powerful vocals and new talent Bang Yongguk’s distinctive rapping than in a single? I love the use of the female and male counterparts to emphasize the differing opinions in a relationship gone wrong, so much that this was one of the first songs I learned the rap to.

Infinite – Can U Smile (Remake)/Nothing’s Over (3.17)

Once you get past the fact that Infinite repeats the same phrases in their songs way too much, their songs are quite enjoyable, perhaps partially because of the catchy-ness created by the frequent repetition. I love the vocals in both tracks, and it never hurts to start off a track with a strong vocalist.

CNBLUE – Intuition/LOVE GIRL (3.21)

I know, CNBLUE isn’t a “real” band because they’re strongly influenced by mainstream music. But– that mainstream influence comes to use in making CNBLUE’s songs more easy on the ears of a mainstream music listener and giving their songs a unique edge and flair, brought to light in these two tracks.

f(x) – Pinocchio (Danger) (4.18)

I succumbed to SM Entertainment’s catchy nonsensical songs once again with this track. f(x)’s songs are so easy to sing to and enjoy, I just can’t help but listen. However, I do hope they’ll come out with more meaningful songs — at least once in a while.

J. Lim – Golden Lady (5.09)

Yay for feminists~! Who says we can’t live without boyfriends or husbands or men? I love how this song’s lyrics say that women can be rich and powerful too, along with the feminist vibe that J. Lim gives off in singing this song.

BEAST – Fiction/The Fact/On Rainy Days (5.17)

Despite only having one promotional cycle in 2011 compared to 2010’s three (and a half), BEAST definitely left a mark on 2011, reminding Korea that they are one of the top boy groups. Having grown as a group, these songs demonstrate their well-rounded-ness and improved singing.