Here we are, finishing off the third quarter of 2011’s songs (already!). The last batch of the top songs of 2011 will be posted tomorrow.

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa (7.12) (music video above)

I love it when K-Pop has a little foreign (European or Latin American) flair. It gives the song a little kick rarely heard in K-Pop. Although it’s a shame that MBLAQ still has yet to become the boy group, it’s still young and has plenty of time to gain recognition.

miss A – Goodbye Baby/Love Alone (7.18)

I fell in love with Love Alone upon hearing it for the first time. Same with Goodbye Baby. I have a feeling that miss A is just going to get better and better in 2012, and I’m curious to see how this group that was “made in Asia” will attain fame in Asia.

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye/ Love Oh Love (8.29)

Oh, how I love Davichi. Davichi is practically the only girl group I like that even comes close (but still not that close) to Wonder Girls in terms of like. I watched almost all of their performances of these two songs. Too bad I won’t be able to go see Davichi in concert in San Francisco though…(*sigh* that would truly make these songs all the more special)

JYJ – In Heaven (9.15)/Song Without A Name (1.24)

I like ballads. I like JYJ. I like In Heaven and Song Without A Name. I loved seeing the sweat on  DB5K’s faces when they sang ballads like these and I love seeing the sweat on JYJ’s faces when they sing ballads like these. If only In Heaven had come out earlier…then I might have actually gone to JYJ’s concert. Oh, how I’m always full of regret…

Sung Sikyung – I Like (Even Now)/Oh My Goddess (9.15)

Hong Kong. How I love it when Korean shows or music videos are shot in Hong Kong. They bring happy memories. Just as I like I Like (Even Now)‘s music video, I love the song itself, along with Oh My Goddess. Sung Sikyung is making his way to my biases list.

Huh Gak – Hello (9.16)

I love how Huh Gak shuts his eyes tight when singing. Although the audio is what really matters, the fact that he looks so sincere when he’s singing a sad song makes my heart ache even more when listening to it. Huh Gak is definitely someone to look out for in 2012.