And finally, here comes the best songs that 2011 had to offer at its end. 2011’s last quarter featured the long-awaited comebacks of Tablo, Noel, Wonder Girls, and more.

Wheesung – Words that Freeze My Heart (ft. Junhyung) (3.15)/They Are Coming (10.10) (music video above)

Wheesung had a great year in 2011, with Words that Freeze My Heart in the first half, and They Are Coming in the latter half. I just love the combination of rap and singing in his songs. And I can’t wait for Ailee to debut. And for him to come back out of the army. Soon.

Tablo – Airbag/Bad (ft. Jinshil) (10.21)

And to think that a kind of distant acquaintance attended Stanford with him. So close…but too far away. This guy is a genius. Master of Korean and English. I’m jealous.

Noel – Miss You (10.26)

Good music video. Good vocals. Good song. Good group. Good, good, good, good. This song reminded me of how much I love to escape from the world of chaos in idol land and relax with a soothing ballad. I can’t wait to see more of Noel now that they’re back and active.

Wonder Girls – Me, In/Do Go Do Go/Dear Boy (11.07)

Can I just put the whole album here? I (practically) love it in its entirety. Only for the sake of time and excessive overflowing bias will I pick out a few. First, Me, In — I didn’t really like the song after first listen, but it grew on me and I had been anticipating a performance of it for quite a while. Do Go Do Go — 2Ye at its very best. In this song, Yeeun and Sunye show their worthy-of-envy voices and harmony. And finally, Dear Boy, the track I declared my favorite after giving the album a first listen. I don’t know…I just like these kind of songs I guess.

T-ara – Cry Cry (11.11)

Again, I love Latin American-influenced K-Pop songs. It gives a song a fresh, foreign flair, while still seeming native because of the overall style and language it’s in. Also, never did I see so much of Soyeon. I guess it was time I knew who she was, with her becoming the leader and all. (Although I like the song, I actually didn’t watch the music video because it’s so long. Maybe later.)

Me Too, Flower – Dreaming (11.17)/Too Many Tears (11.23)

Dreaming is a song I could imagine being played in a coffee shop on a sunny day. Bright, lovely, soothing. A pick-you-up kind of song. The vocals and rap are melted so nicely together in Dreaming, just the song’s melody itself creates a dreamy kind of sensation.

Not bad, not bad, Suzy. This is the kind of OST track I’d buy, regardless of who the singer was. The lyrics tell of the main character’s inner thoughts and true feelings. Suzy has made her first step into  becoming a so-called ‘ballad queen.’

San E – I Wish You Were Unhappy (ft. Bee) (11.24)

This is the type of rap I like listening to. Rap with a nice underlying melody, topped with a complementing, but not overpowering, singing chorus. Can’t wait to see what San E has in store for 2012.