If my series of “Top Songs of 2011” weren’t [noticeably] biased enough, this series of posts is. I can’t — and don’t — watch every group/singer’s performance out there, but when I do like a group/singer, I tend to watch almost all of their performances of the song I like or all of their appearances on a show. This time, because my biases are so evident *cough*, I will organize my favorite performances by show, then possibly artist.

I Am A Singer

I Am A Singer brought many veteran singers to fame in a world where idols fill in nearly every possible corner of Korean music. It allowed for ballad singers to be recognized, as well as for the public to take on a new perspective of ballads.

Kim Bumsoo – Please 

This performance/track was perhaps the most popular of all the remakes the contestants on I Am A Singer made/sang, as it guarded the #1 spot on various music charts for weeks (maybe even a month or so?) and was found on various year-end music charts, such as Melon’s most downloaded. It propelled Kim Bumsoo’s singing career to new heights and was one of the most notable performances of the whole show’s run.

Im Jaebeom – For You

This was Im Jaebeom’s first performance upon appearing on I Am A Singer, and boy, did he kill it. His years of experience came to light with this performance, and it might’ve even made him seem too good for I Am A Singer.

Kim Bumsoo, Lena Park, Jung Yeop – Crush (Kim Gunmo: instrumentals)

This was by far, my favorite performance/collaboration from I Am A Singer. The best thing about this adaptation was that the original tone was still recognizable, while the song was made more suitable for the modern music listener. Rather than making the song something new for the music lover to listen to, the song was changed to give the music lover a new side of the song to listen to and shed a new light on the original song.  And to think this was all improvised? Why, Kim Bumsoo, Lena Park, and Jung Yeop sure are musicians, not just singers.

Kim Bumsoo — I’m A Loner

As you can see, I’m quite a fan of Kim Bumsoo. Biased as I am, this was one of my favorite performances from I Am A Singer. The tap-dancing is ingenious. Truly. And I love the jazz Kim Bumsoo added to the song. He really knows how to enjoy himself on stage.

Lena Park — If Only Today Was Like Then

Wow. Wow. Wow. If anyone ever doubted Lena Park’s singing abilities, their argument was made invalid with this song.