Next up are the best performances of Immortal Song 2! As evident in the performances below, I mainly watched Davichi performances from Immortal Song 2. So this list is technically my favorite Davichi performances from Immortal Song 2.

Immortal Song 2

The main differences between I Am A Singer and Immortal Song 2 are the motives and contestants. The motive of I Am A Singer is to bring attention to the great and talented veteran singers of Korea, while the motive of Immortal Song 2 is to show how hits can be immortalized by being changed to fit the times. The contestants of I Am A Singer are veteran singers with 10+ years of experience, while the contestants of Immortal Song 2 are relatively new to the music scene (usually less than ten years of experience). Aside from these differences, the programs are almost (not really) the same.

Seo Inyoung – Like the Feeling of the First Time

I think many of us did not expect Seo Inyoung to win, because she generally isn’t known for having an extraordinary vocal capacity. I honestly expected someone like Lyn, Lim Jeonghee, or Lee Haeri to win, but I was really wowed with this performance.

Lee Haeri – You Are Just At a Place Higher Than Me

Okay, so I biasedly (that isn’t a word, but…) thought this should’ve won after viewing the performance a couple times again and understanding the lyrics. Now that I’ve thought about it some more, Seo Inyoung’s performance was enjoyable and exciting because it was upbeat, while Lee Haeri’s performance conveyed more feeling, as sad songs usually do (not to say that it doesn’t take any effort to convey the feeling of a sad song).  It’s hard to decide because one is sad, the other is happy.

Kang Minkyung – With the Heart to Forget You

I think the reason why sad songs remain so popular over the years is because they’re easy to relate to for many people. They are able to strike a chord in many people’s hearts, and when sung well, can move people to tears when they think about how the lyrics relate to themselves. The sincerity singers put into singing songs and expressing the feeling of the lyrics can really mean a lot.

Lee Haeri – Walking In the Rain

I love how Lee Haeri says ‘bass’ and ‘drum’ in the middle of this song’s transition. The transition itself is nice in that it adds a jazzy feel to the song and changes things up.

Kang Minkyung – Love Love Love

What a transformation. Just the visuals alone — the outfit, the chair, the position — set the tone of the performance. In this performance, Kang Minkyung exhibits her rapping skills and overflowing charisma.