MBC had a large share of music shows in 2011, boasting new programs such as I Am A Singer and Birth of a Great Star. The second Korean audition program after Superstar K, Birth of a Great Star gives contestants a unique experience as the five mentors/judges choose four contestants to become their apprentices and prepare under them to hopefully become one of the program’s actual ten contestants (who compete with various individual performances), and perhaps, the winner of the program.

Birth of a Great Star

Ahn Ari and Park Wonmi – Refusal (Big Mama)

By far, my overall favorite performances of the whole show were the two-person final round  stages. The synergy created by two people on the same stage can be amazing, and as they say, two is better  than one. I love it when songs start slow and then transition into becoming fast. They’re so climatic and exciting to listen to/watch. And the harmonization. This performance is almost perfect.

Hwang Jihwan – Romeo and Juliet (Shin Seunghun)

Boy, does this boy have a great sense of rhythm. This might be my favorite pre-program (as in before the 10-contestant show Birth of a Great Star) solo performance. I love the arrangement and beat.

Birth of a Great Star 2

Eric Nam – Ugly (2NE1)

I honestly don’t like Ugly that much as a song, partly because it has such a negative undertone, but I have to admit that Eric Nam’s performance was very charismatic and entrancing. I hope to see him advance to a top standing on the program.