And at last, time for the uncategorized top performances that come from miscellaneous shows!

At first, I planned to put all my favorite miscellaneous performances in this post; however, I realized that would be extremely biased, as all my favorite miscellaneous performances are of songs (and artists) I like, not to mention the fact that at least half of Davichi’s performances this year would end up on this post. So for the sake of succinctness, here is my very short list of top miscellaneous performances.

Wonder Girls’ Yeeun and Sunye – Do Go Do Go

I honestly didn’t see what the fuss was about this song, with Park Jinyoung saying that he specially held off this song so that only some of the best vocals could touch it. But after watching this performance, I fell in love with the melt-in-your-ear vocals and understood Park Jinyoung’s thoughts.

Wonder Girls’ Yeeun and Sunye – When You Believe (performance above)

I know that SISTAR’s Hyorin and SNSD’s Taeyeon are wonderful vocalists, perhaps the best female idol vocalists, but I can’t help but shower Wonder Girls’ Yeeun and Sunye with praise. The vocals and emotions in this song are just heartwarming and extremely difficult to dislike. Just as Yeeun said that this song gave her strength during her audition to become Wonder Girls’ fifth member, their rendition of this song is one that has given me strength and is worthy of being downloaded onto my harddrive (one of five videos).

Infinite – Be Mine (Remix)

Of all the performances I saw of Be Mine, this performance was the most outstanding. Just the opening dancing solo, camera angles, the outfits, the live string orchestra (yay for strings!), and the vocals in this performances seemed to rise above the others.

8eight – Pizza Hut Order

So this isn’t really a performance, but it isn’t really a song either. If this was a song, I’d totally buy it. Even though the lyrics are all about ordering a pizza. This is the reason why I love listening to singing – it requires no external instruments or sounds, just an individual and their voice.