As a big fan of Davichi, I try to watch most Davichi performances as they come out. [Subscribe to sinyanmei92 for Davichi videos!] That means that I started watching Immortal Song 2 for Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung’s performances and random cuts…which led to this. The main highlight of this episode (of what I saw) was the formation of a Lee Haeri–Brian Joo couple line (scandalous news for Korean reporters!!).

I love how one little comment opened up into a can of worms. However, Korean news probably will blow this out of proportion, and the fun of this video/’scandal’ will be ruined. I apologize for any mistakes in the conversation, as I do not fully understand Korean. The advantages of having an MC were really shown in this clip as Shin Dongyup made a little comment more fun for the audience (and hopefully the contestants) and opened something up into a can of worms.


MC Shin Dongyup: So what did you think of Lee Haeri and Yoo Yeol’s performance?

Brian Joo: Just watching [from the TV] in the room, Lee Haeri became more lovely. You know, the song has __(?) feeling.

-video of Lee Haeri/Brian Joo; lyrics: The one and only love that came [looking] for me-

Brian: So in the future, if I have a girlfriend or wife, I would like to marry someone who can sing so well like Lee Haeri.

-crowd cheers-

Shin Dongyup: Wait a minute. Because my brain is kind of bad, I can’t really understand this.

Brian: Excuse me?

Shin Dongyup: So your point is…(Brian: Yes,…)…I would like to get a girlfriend or wife that sings so well like this, or I wish that later Lee Haeri could be at my side and sing like this to me?

Brian: First of all, Lee Haer– Lee Haer– Lee Haer– Haeri-ssi (crowd laughs over his nervousness/stuttering) Haeri’s feelings would also have a part. I alone like this (gasp)…just because I like her doesn’t mean we’d start dating (gasp). Her feelings…(crowd cheers; caption: if Haeri was OK with it, I’d like to date her?) Wait..that isn’t it (crowd chants ‘Date! Date!’ as Brian continues to talk)…it’s..that isn’t it…there’d also be Haeri’s feelings…(caption: through one heart’s desire(?))

Shin Dongyup: Wait a minute…the people in the audience are thinking very simplistically. If Brian is speaking so bravely and insistently(?), I think the two are already dating. (more cheer) Oh so it doesn’t matter which side wins, because they’re both happy either way? (caption: Because they hug no matter who wins!) Anyway, after the result, you can just go and crush her bones (embrace her very tightly).

So which performance did the audience judges pick?

-Brian and Kim Wansun win; Brian and Lee Haeri step off their platforms and awkwardly walk towards each other as they do after a duel and hug (caption: Quite a comfortable result!)-

[I didn’t translate the end with Lee Haeri and Yoo Yeol.]