Generally, I don’t watch whole audition programs as they are time-consuming, and I often have better (*shock*) things to do. The way that I pick a few performances to watch is by looking for songs that I know among the ones performed in each episode, looking for specific talents that I discovered as I watched those performances in subsequent episodes.

One contestant that I noticed through this process is Choi Raesung, who I found through his cover of SHINee’s Replay; although quite a horrible cover, Choi Raesung, 12, proved himself to be the best dancer among the contestants on the show, thus keeping him on the show for a few weeks, even after an equally horrible cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby (Engrish included).

For the group audition/round, Choi Raesung was partnered with other so-called ‘dancing gods’ Lee Seunghoon and Park Jungeun, who were likewise very lacking in terms of singing. Check out the video below to see what came of their group audition.

The leader (and eldest) of the group put his choreographing skills to work, blowing the judges away. YG’s Yang Hyunsuk said that the group was originally going to be ‘the easiest to eliminate,’ and JYP’s Park Jinyoung proclaimed Lee Seunghoon the only artist of the contestants — despite being one of the worse singers. He went on to praise him, saying that they showed that they could produce good results despite being ve~ry bad at singing, and that they were able to express themselves through the dance (something not very common in K-Pop *cough*). The judges added that Park Jungeun and Choi Raesung were able to advance thanks to their leader, and abundantly praised the group for their great improvement and expression.

On a side note, I  love the family image the group exhibits, and how it relates to the song they chose, Dynamic Duo’s ‘Father.’ The fact that BoA chose to cast them as a group also makes their symbolized family all the more stronger, and I hope to see them continue to progress and advance through the show.