So this isn’t a revival of ‘Wannabefob’s Playlist,’ as I have found that it’s actually hard to find new songs every week, as songs I like often stick for quite a while; it’s primarily just a (possible corner of Wannabefob) where I can pop up and say, ‘This song’s been on my mind for a while.’

As stated in the title, this song is none other than Dynamic Duo‘s Father (ft. Ra.D). As was hinted last week, I heard this song from a collaborative KPOPSTAR performance consisting of the talents of three contestants who are primarily dancers: Lee Seunghoon, Park Jungeun, and Choi Raesung. As a song, Father blends vocals and rap nicely, and tells of one’s heartwarming affection for their father. As a performance, Lee Seunghoon, Park Jungeun, and Choi Raesung’s blew me away with the interpretive (yet not excessive) choreography and rapping talent (singing still remains a struggle).

I probably would’ve liked the song Father even without seeing the performance, that is, if I had wandered upon it from a source, but the performance complemented the song in such a way that it isn’t merely cream on the cake, but something more — maybe fresh mangoes on a fruit tart or with sago (as they are too often raw)? Making something good, great — not just topping off an experience.

But anyway, hopefully I will be able to get around to translating the lyrics with my meager knowledge of Korean and help of Daum English Dictionary. The song is below, along with an ‘unedited version’ of the performance. For the full performance/reactions, you can click the link above.