So…as you may have noticed (although I wouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed), I attempted (it wasn’t quite a resolution) to post once a day…but utterly failed when school started again. But that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna go back into my slump and post every week or month or so. In the spirit of perseverance, I will continue to strive to fulfill my goal..and possibly write posts ahead of time, then time it out so that they come out once a day (that isn’t really cheating, right? ;) ) Anyway, let the posts (hopefully) resume~!

For a while now, I’ve been watching High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged, which is unfortunately, subbed very slowly (English subtitles are 40 episodes behind :O but the sitcom format makes the wait a bit more bearable). Like its predecessor High Kick Through the Roof, High Kick 3 features many fresh faces and cute/funny anecdotes, along with various love lines. It is very enjoyable to watch as something on the side (although it would probably be more enjoyable watching one episode a day as it is broadcasting in Korea…*cough*) and is something I would recommend watching if you don’t really want to have to commit to a drama, but still want to watch a few episodes of every now and then.

Episodes: 120 (89 have aired so far)

Airing Slot: Monday to Friday 19:45 (~25 minutes/episode); many times, if there are important soccer games or such, they are aired in High Kick 3’s place, so there aren’t five episodes every week

Cast: Park Hasun, Baek Jinhee, Yoon Kyesang, Seo Jiseok, Kang Seungyoon, Lee Jongsuk, Kim Jiwon, Krystal (f(x))…

In addition, I recently started The Moon that Embraces the Sun, a fantasy sageuk (historical) drama about a Joseon king and a shaman. It was pretty thrilling even before the main plot set in, because the background itself was well set-up and the child actors delivered their roles convincing. Honestly, I didn’t really want the childhood phase to fast forward to the adulthood phase because just that buildup was so interesting, but after seeing the adult actors appear, I was yearning for more of them (mostly more of Han Gain). So I won’t really recommend this drama yet, until I get three quarters (15 episodes) into it, seeing how so many dramas that I was particularly excited about last year ended up as disappointments. But I probably will drop some updates on it every now and then.

Episodes: 20 (10 have aired so far)

Airing Slot: Wednesday and Thursday 21:55

Cast: Han Gain (!! haven’t seen her in so long), Kim Soohyun, Jung Ilwoo, Kim Minseo

Spinoff of Dream High, Dream High 2, started last week with less than stellar ratings. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Dream High too started with weak ratings (and never did reach ‘stellar’ 20+% ratings). Anyway, it likewise had a slow start, but not as much cringe-worthy acting (Yay! or maybe I wasn’t paying attention…). Like I had hoped, Dream High 2 is very different so far compared to its predecessor: the second and third male/female leads are already in idol groups already (in the drama), and the male lead, Jin Yoojin (Jung Jinwoon, 2AM), is an artist wary of idol groups, while the female lead, Shin Hyesung (Kang Sora), is one with less-than-average talent who dreams of being an idol group member. The main reason why I’m excited for Dream High 2 is to see how the story [that is quite different from Dream High] progresses, so if you’re watching Dream High 2 because you’re expecting literally, another Dream High, Dream High 2 might not necessarily float your boat.

Episodes: 16 (2 have aired so far)

Airing Slot: Monday and Tuesday 21:55

Cast: Jung Jinwoon, Kang Sora, Hyorin, Park Jiyeon, Park Seojoon, JB/Im Jaebeom