Davichi, more specifically, this song, has literally been on repeat on my playlist for days. And I am getting a little tired of it (hence the listening to of Davichi’s other songs), but that doesn’t take away from how awesome of a song it is. (It’s just that listening to it five times in a row is a bit of a stretch.) But anyway, I can’t believe I only started listening to this song recently. I heard it a while ago and it’s on my iTunes, but I somehow just didn’t pay much attention to it. Okay, so back to the song. I personally think it’s one of the better ballads for a mainstream Kpop-er to listen to, as it has more of a pop feel than, say, Hate You Even Though I Love You. So check it out. And maybe you’ll become a big fan of Davichi like me. :D

Translation/romanization soon to follow.