What has become of Korean music? Well, actually, let me re-phrase that. Korean music consists of many different genres, but most people only know of Kpop. So, what has become of Kpop?

I am so appalled and disgusted by the direction that Kpop is heading in – thus, the title of this post. Kpop is doing downwards, spiraling down without even knowing it. What is the cause of this? It’s the provocative dance moves, the revealing and immodest clothes, and the sexual innuendo in recent songs. I’m sure there’s more too- the list does not stop there.

So let’s track back a few days. I know that I haven’t been writing consistently on this blog which I know is so bad, but I have found a purpose to finally start writing again..or at least to start writing this post. I am taking a Korean language course in college right now, and as we go through our vocab lists each chapter, I have a classmate that without fail will send at least one Kpop song to our teacher. This Kpop song (or songs) will relate to a vocab word, so our teacher would click the Youtube link and play the music video for the class to see, on the huge screen projector. This means that the music video is not that small rectangle we have, but it’s full screen and blown up to such a large size that all details are more prominent.

I start this post with this little tid-bit because it prompted me to write this very post that you are reading right now. My classmate has the audacity to send Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” to the teacher and we watched that MV in class. I never saw the MV before but while watching it, I realized that I wished that I never set eyes on it. That MV is so provocative and just thinking about it makes me feel so grossed out. The song has all three elements that I am going to address individually here – it has provocative dance moves, revealing clothes, and sexual innuendo in the song of the way that it is presented. The song is catchy and all, but part of it has this “ooohh” part where Hyuna shapes her mouth into a very provocative way. She dresses in outrageously short shorts and her shirt is so low that is reveals cleavage. Her dance moves too, with the shaking butt, really do not present the clean image that Kpop once had.

When I think about Hyuna, I wonder, how did a girl that once look like this

…suddenly transform into this?


Of course, I cannot just blame Hyuna–most of the blame goes to the entertainment company for make her dress like this and do this type of stuff. They know that they can earn more money by making her some sex icon. But I’ll save that speech for a whole other post.

In the upcoming parts (which will hopefully be posted soon), I will be discussing these three elements in greater detail. I will also touch upon the entertainment company’s use of a Kpop idol for profit, the reason why I make such a huge deal out of this when many people might not see it as that big of a thing, why Kpop is becoming so Americanized, the effect of this on the audience, and I’ll also write a bit on male groups and their role in this.

Stay posted & thanks for reading!