Last week I introduced this new series and gave a little overview of what I’d be going over in the next few parts to come. In this post, I’ll be focusing of the first element I’ve noticed in Kpop these days: provocative dance moves.

Rania, miss A, and Nine Muses, are just a few. I actually think that every girl group out there today has had at least one song with provocative choreography.

With the help of my friend, I was able to compile a few performances with provocative choreography. Seriously though, I’m pretty sure I could find at least one song from every Kpop girl group (and most guy groups) with provocative dance moves. Unfortunately for you all (or fortunately), the only Kpop songs I know now are a few years old, unless you count Korean indie.

I don’t think I need to even elaborate on these so I’ll just list them- these videos will not be exclusive to girl groups.

1. Rania – Dr. Feel Good

2. Rainbow – A

3. Hyuna & Hyunseung – Troublemaker

4. Jay Park – Know Your Name

As you may have noticed, the trend has quickly shifted from cute to sexy in a matter of years. Not like it’s necessarily a bad thing, but I feel that Kpop is starting to have a negative influence on the youth of today. I will speak more about the effect that Kpop is having on these teenagers in one of the last posts of this series.