After weeks of watching The Moon That Embraces the Sun and Dream High 2, I have finally remembered/found time to write about them. (Yay!)

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Recommend

With its first episode, The Moon That Embraces the Sun garnered an enviable viewership base, having high viewership ratings that many dramas would love to have just for their finale. With each succeeding episode, The Moon That Embraces the Sun lured more viewers, and gained higher ratings, even those of 40+%. But is it as good as they say it is?

Yes and no. In my opinion, The Moon That Embraces the Sun had an ideal, speedy beginning. The first few episodes (not really the first [and possibly second]) were filled with crucial developments in the plot that really sped the pace of the drama and created a strong foundation for later episodes to build on. Near the later middle of the drama, though, things definitely went down a couple notches. We were perpetually stuck in a stalemate where Wol continued to struggle to recall her past and Lee Hwon continued to pursue his belief that Wol was Yeonwoo for a good chunk of the drama, so much to the point that I almost was more excited to watch Dream High 2 over The Moon That Embraces the Sun. (And that really says something. ) Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, because stuff still did happen. Just not much of it. But now that after the latest/eighteenth (out of twenty) episode, Wol->Yeonwoo and Hwon have discovered Wol’s identity and reunited, the pace has once again risen up to the desirable level. I’m even a bit worried that these next two final episodes will have too many plot developments to cover, and that what can be unveiled really well might be too rushed. However, all in all, I would recommend watching The Moon That Embraces the Sun; it’s not ideal enough to be highly recommended, but it is good and much better than many of 2011’s mediocre dramas.

Dream High 2: Watch At Your Discretion

Did anyone else know that they were going to extend the love square to such extents? Because I honestly expected Shin Haesung-Jin Yoojin couple and JB-Rian couple a done deal with little to meddle with. But the PDs did do this – so what can I say?

It is hard to compare Dream High 1 and 2, as both are so different in so many aspects. But even so, Dream High 1 is almost unarguably the better of the two. In terms of pace, Dream High 2 took quite a lot of time for stuff to actually happen – I’m sure more musical development could’ve been thrown in with plot/character/relationships development. In addition, while there were new performances and OSTs to look forward to nearly every week with Dream High 1, the same can’t be said with its spinoff. Also, I’m not quite sure where this whole ‘super idol’ thing can go in the four episodes that Dream High 2 has left in its run. At this point, I’m not looking/watching/hoping for Dream High 2 to outdo Dream High 1, (although I was hoping for this before the drama started) because at this point, four good episodes (even if each of these four episodes turn out to be stellar) can’t turn Dream High 2‘s boat around and make it [teen] drama of the year. In terms of watching, as I said earlier, watch at your discretion. It’s not great, but it’s not mediocre (that’s a bit harsh) – it’s just, okay.