The March 10th broadcast of Immortal Song 2 was the first of two episodes dedicated to Korean music pioneer Kim Gunmo. In the relatively new format of Immortal Song 2, the audience votes on the contestant after each performance (if they choose to do so), and contestants then battle each other based on the number of votes received from the audience, the contestant with the most votes winning. While Hong Kyungmin was on a winning streak, having won four rounds with his 371 votes, Kang Minkyung emerged victor of the first part of the two-episode series, obtaining 379 votes with her rendition of ‘Love is Leaving.’

I personally thought that the performance was one of her better/more emotional ones in recent weeks, and enjoyed the slow, moody waltz (yay for 3/4 time!) feel she put on the track that was originally upbeat. Another highlight of the performance was the ‘la-la-la’-ing (which both my sister and I usually enjoy).

(Hopefully translation soon to follow.)

Another performance that I happened to watch and like was Im Taekyung’s ‘Beautiful Farewell.’ This was the first Immortal Song 2 performance of his that I watched, and I thoroughly enjoyed his version of the hit track that I know I’ve heard of before (although I don’t really know where). On a random note, I would feel very awkward had I been the woman at 5:34 and 5:48 who was captured crying while watching the performance (but I guess you shouldn’t be too peeved to have your reaction to a performance broadcasted, as you were the one who wanted to go and see the show live.).