Hello to myself hello to myself 울지 말라고 날 위로해줄래
Hello to myself hello to myself 할 수 있다고 너 말해줄래
Hello hello 울지마 Hello hello 일어나

How are you 어떠니 꿈을 이룬다는 건 정말 꼬집어도 아프지 않니

Hello to myself hello to myself, can you comfort me and tell me not to cry
Hello to myself hello to myself, can you tell me that I can do it?
Hello hello, don’t cry, Hello hello, get up

How are you; how are you going to make your dream come true; doesn’t it hurt when you pinch yourself

At first I didn’t get the title ‘Hello To Myself;’ because people don’t usually say ‘hello to myself’ – even if people do talk to themselves a lot, it’s usually [hopefully] not to the point of acting as if they’re talking to another person. But then, as I listened to the song more and heard more of the lyrics, I realized that the meaning/impression of the song (if you haven’t figured out yet) is that a ‘you’ of the present is looking at ‘you’ of the future, hoping that this future ‘you’ has accomplished the dream that the present ‘you’ is still striving for and can offer comfort to them.

It’s a happy thought – that somewhere along the line, there will be a ‘you’ who has accomplished what you currently dream about; it’s also hopeful: somewhere along the line there will be someone who will look back at your current suffering and be beyond it.

Bottom line: If you feel like giving up, endure with the thought that you will be happy one day having accomplished your dream; your pain is only temporary.