Recently, there was news of Shinae as Son Dambi revealed that she celebrated Shinae’s 31st birthday with her.

In addition, there was recent news of the AlShin couple as the four babies (quadruplets) that Alex and Shinae once babysat together went on a TV program, four years after their first appearance on We Got Married.

Whenever I see news of Shinae, I can’t help but think about those good ol’ We Got Married days with Alex. What could have been if their relationship developed…but this can only remain wishful thinking, as Shinae has been married for a few years already. Arghh why must programs like We Got Married mess with your thoughts and make you want to believe that something fake[/never to come true] is real?

The Alex-Shinae couple is probably the only ‘fake’ couple that I really felt an attachment to; unfortunately there aren’t many remaining youtube videos of them.

Perhaps I’ll re-watch their cuts…