Things I like about this performance:

1. the absence of the English in g.o.d’s original version (which I found quite annoying)

2. the jazzy/upbeat feel

3. the harmonization between the singers

4. the manipulation of the climax

How I love programs that involve some sort of singing competition (audition or just competition between singers). They are probably the reason why I continue to listen to Korean music despite its [increasing amount of] downfalls.

I haven’t really watched The Voice [Korea], but I’ve learned that you fight for a spot in the next round against the person who sings with you, which honestly is pretty smart although cruel because you have to find a balance between matching the other singer and letting them shine with making yourself look better than them. (In case you were wondering, Huh Gong, Huh Gak’s brother, won this round.)

Performances like this truly make me like a song ten times more.