This post will be focusing on the next element: revealing clothes. Pretty easy to prove too. A picture is a thousand words so I’ll be essentially publishing thousands of words through pictures. Just in case you don’t know what’s so revealing in the picture, because for some reason you can’t see it, I’ll give you a short blurb to let you in on it.

I have compiled a list of girl groups with pictures of them wearing revealing clothes, either for a performance, a music video, an event, or just casually.

The lack of analysis in this post will made up in the last few posts where the real critique comes in. I show you now, I will tell later.

4minute: Tight pants that reveal the members’ body figure – not necessarily sexy.

After School: The dress looks like a long shirt instead. Not even a long shirt- maybe a normal sized shirt.

A-Pink: Super short shorts. I don’t care how innocent they look, they’re still revealing their entire legs.

Brave Girls: Once again, we’re pants-less.

Brown Eyed Girls: Oh hey! Another one of those shirts.

Miss A: Clothes are too tight, shorts are too short to be called shorts.

Nine Muses: A shirt and boots – I think something’s missing..