Up until now, I have been doing a lot of “show” through pictures, videos, and lyrics to songs, but not much “tell.” The purpose of this last post to the series is to tell you why I have started this short series in the first place.

So now, in other words, the “so what” of this series. Why is this important and so crucial? Why am I making such a huge deal out of it? Perhaps this stems from my own personal beliefs and also from my personal experience with Kpop. I got into Kpop because it was innocent and didn’t have all these elements. Such things, I thought, were only part of American songs. These things made me cringe. That’s why I didn’t like American music. But at the time, Kpop was different.

However, it seems like Kpop has also caved into the sex-addicted craving there is in society today. Not only that, but Kpop is also helping to form and promote this sex-driven view. Female idols, especially, are becoming sex icons. Look at their music videos, their pictures on magazine spreads, the clothes they wear to awards ceremonies – all this contributes to the increasing promiscuity in the Kpop field. Lyrics to songs too, and dance moves, are other ways that Kpop is giving into the demand for more sexual appeal. I have put some light to each of these three in previous posts to show you what I mean.

If we take a step back, we can think about the audience of this all. Who IS the audience? Let’s say that the audience consists mostly of teenagers, since this is Kpop. Kpop is geared towards the youth, the adolescents. How does the increasingly sex-driven nature of Kpop influence these teenagers? Well, for one, these kids look up to idols, they believe in them, they follow them. Idols are like their role models. So if female idols are hardly wearing clothes, what will adolescents think? They’ll think that this is cool. That it is cool to wear hardly nothing at all and expose your body. And if their role models are dancing in such nasty ways and singing songs with words that basically say “let’s have sex,” teenagers will also start following. For they will begin to think that this is how you are attractive. And the words from songs will become engraved in their minds because of the catchy tunes. They will think that sex is cool and regard it as nothing special. The direction that Kpop is headed in right now is damaging to teenagers and it seems as if Kpop is becoming the same as American music- there is no deep meaning in lyrics to songs and upright values are not held either.

Then we come to another question: WHY are entertainment companies trying to sell out Kpop as sex-driven as well? And why are they trying to sell it out to the rest of the world? After all, we cannot blame idols for promoting this image of promiscuity. Obviously, the entertainment companies play a large part in it as they are the ones who shape the idol in appearance and partly in personality as well. They tell the idols what to wear, how to dance, what to sing, and how to sing it. They play a large part in the idols’ public image. Honestly, as society is becoming more and more sex-driven, and as the porn industry is increasing greatly, I can see why the entertainment companies are following suit. They see that doing such things makes much money, and they are greedy for it. Also, perhaps they see a greater appeal for Kpop if they change the wardrobe, dance styles, and songs of their artists. It all leads back to money, the root of all evil. As if they don’t have enough money. They have more than enough but are greedy for more of it. It’s really so sad to see.

For those who may think that I am just judging females, don’t get me wrong. The males also have their share of promiscuity through dances, songs, and their emphasis on abs and muscles, but as a female, I feel so disgusted watching fellow females acting in such a way. Also, males are more stimulated by their eyes, so it is not too much of a stretch to say that female Kpop artists are becoming like porn stars. Almost- not quite. Hopefully they never get to that level of promiscuity though, but they are getting there, slowly but surely.

I am just a student, not an analyst that is studying all this for the sake of making a difference in the world. But hopefully your eyes will be opened to the destruction that is happening in the Kpop scene. What happened to older songs with deeper meanings and artists that truly meant what they sang? What happened to songs that were labeled “good” and became popular just by their meanings? Back in the day, they did not need fancy clothes that revealed everything or dance moves that stimulated the audience. All they needed was a heartfelt song with heartfelt lyrics behind it.

It is my hope that you will not be influenced by the current trend of Kpop and that you will be even more aware of the downfall that is taking place. Once again, thank you for reading!