With a line up of so many singers, Dream High 2 had to [at least] churn out some good OSTs. Go below the cut for my favorite performances and OSTs of the drama (aka what to watch/listen to if you want to get the best of Dream High 2 in less than an hour) The list will not include all performances, as I will only be writing about those that I really enjoyed.

JB and Park Seojoon – New Dreaming

I remember hearing this song in the first few episodes of Dream High 2 and hoping for there to be an OST release – which there finally is! For an actor, Park Seojoon’s voice isn’t too bad.



JB and Jinwoon – Beautiful Dance (Bye Bye Sea)

Yay for underdogs. Again, as I seem to say quite often, I wish there was a full studio version of this version of the song as I prefer JB and Jinwoon’s deeper voices to Bye Bye Sea’s Namu’s nasally voice.

Jinwoon – Starlight is Falling (Bye Bye Sea)

I remember not really liking this song when listening to Bye Bye Sea’s version quite a while ago. But after listening to Jinwoon sing this song, I liked it all the more because of the different, strong tone that Jinwoon’s voice has compared to Bye Bye Sea’s main vocalist’s nasally voice (as you may have noticed, I don’t really like nasal singing voices as compared to warm, rich ones).

Yeeun – Hello to Myself

How could I not like a Wonder Girls song? The lyrics of this song are sad, yet comforting of what’s to come. Bittersweet.

Jiyeon and JB – Together

I love the mix of light pop and ballad in this song that makes it very soothing and mellow, and pleasing on the ear. This song resembles those that got me into K-Pop way back when.

Performance (although mostly not live):

Music Video: