I’ve been putting quite a few of Lee Moonsae’s songs/performances on repeat recently; all of these songs are more than a decade old, but what can I say, oldies are goodies. (Lee Moonsae performances with translations below the cut.)

For now, I’ll only post two songs/performances (my favorites).

November 24, 2006 (Yoon Dohyun and Lee Moonsae on Yoon Dohyun’s Love Letter)

Girl (video above)

Lee Moonsae: Do you know ‘Girl,’ the song ‘Girl’?

Yoon Dohyun: Of course I do.

Lee Moonsae: (to instrumentalist in back) Play an F.

[singing starts]

Lee Moonsae:  Stay only at my side, you [Yoon Dohyun: Ah, it’s really nice] can’t leave
I’m longing for a far away place, I
Can’t find the rainbow

Yoon Dohyun: I sit on the window in the sunset
And watch the clouds go far away
I paint in the sky the thoughts of old that I want to find

Both: Mm~ In the blowing cold wind, You
May be lonely and might cry, but I will always stay by your side
And not leave

I never thought Yoon Dohyun was a really exceptional singer, but his husky voice really compliments the song in this case.

Old Love

Lee Moonsae: (to audience) I knew that he was a good singer, (to Yoon Dohyun) but how do you know all of the lyrics?

Yoon Dohyun: It’s-

Lee Moonsae: Try ‘Old Love.’

(Yoon Dohyun laughs and crowd cheers)

Yoon Dohyun (playfully): Stop it. It’s interfering with our talk.

Lee Moonsae: What’s important about ‘talk’? Do you guys like hearing us talk?

Crowd: Yes~

Lee Moonsae: It’s tiring/boring. (crowd laughs) Music is nice; isn’t this a music program?

(crowd cheers)

Yoon Dohyun: Umm that- (tries to read off note cards)

Lee Moonsae : (to instrumentalist in back) Give me an A.

[singing starts]

Lee Moonsae: I cried wandering around alone in the dark
All the memories were coming back to me
When the lights under the empty sky start to twinkle
I quietly call out the name of my old love

When the cold wind blows and I pull my collar up
I regret and get angry, my tears fall down
I thought it wouldn’t hurt even if somebody asked me about the past
Was it all a lie?

Yoon Dohyun: Now all the things I miss, I’ll keep it in my heart
Just as I let it be whenever you come to my mind

Lee Moonsae: Sometimes we get fed up with love
The loneliness overflows in my heart
On a slushy spring day, on green leaf
There my old love remains for eternity

(lyrics of Old Love from GuimarasManga @ Youtube)

Oldies but goodies. ♥ Instrumentals doesn’t need to be extravagant and fancy for songs to sound great.