This post is quite a bit overdue, but so many of the performances from these two episodes were well worth my time, and I think you won’t regret watching them either.

Below the cut: Ailee’s Don’t Leave Me, Lee Haeri’s Behind You, Lyn’s Bad Girl Good Girl, and more.

Winner: Ailee – Don’t Leave Me (Park Jinyoung) 419/500

I still don’t really want to agree with those who have declared Ailee the best singer in K-Pop and such, because she still is a rookie. But she really is something; her charisma as a dancer-singer performer is well displayed through this performance. I will wait for time to tell if she really is or can become the best.

(I’m also curious about how she would fare if she covered a ballad, and only battled with her voice, without any additional featurings or dancing or mood-lifting atmosphere.)

Runner-up: Lee Haeri – Behind You (Park Jinyoung) 418/500

It’s hard to compare Ailee and Lee Haeri’s performances and declare a winner of of the two; it’s not really a matter of who’s better, but of preference of type of performance, because their performances are very different. Ailee’s was upbeat, complete with dancing and rapping, to excite the crowd and give them a fun, wild, and enjoyable time. On the other hand, Lee Haeri’s was about touching the hearts of those in the audience and really striking a heartstring, appealing to memories or events unique to a person, and evoking strong feelings of “This song totally describes how _____ felt.

Both are great at each respective type of performance; although I would say that my bias towards Lee Haeri makes me unable to objectively choose one over the other. In general, though, I listen to more music similar to Lee Haeri’s performances; however, I do enjoy performances like Ailee’s.

Shin Yongjae – This Song (2AM) 358/500

(see previous post)

Teen Top – Honey (Park Jinyoung) (361/500)

Okay, maybe Niel isn’t so bad (my sister called him “burdensome on the eyes” before….). He’s a pretty good performer (although I think I heard his voice crack..), but I wish that the performance was more of Teen Top altogether as it suggested, not just Niel and friends. The overall dancing of the group was pretty cool too, but I felt that the last minute or so was wasted with just dancing, although it was fun.

Lyn – Bad Girl Good Girl (miss A)

I think the last part of the performance overdid it with the brass, but overall, I like the relaxed reggae feel Lyn added to Bad Girl Good Girl. Her facial expressions especially reveal her enjoyment of the performance, making the audience in turn also feel happy. (Personally, my favorite part was the first verse.)