So some new dramas have caught my attention, not really because of their plots, but mostly because of the actors in them. Some seem more hopeful than others after two episodes, but let’s just wait and see which ones will fulfill/carry through.

1. Dr. Jin (MBC, Sat-Sun) / picture above

Cast: Song Seungheon, Park Minyoung, Lee Bumsoo, Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)…

Brief Synopsis: A doctor from the 21st century, Dr. Jin, mysteriously ends up in the Joseon era; using advanced procedures like surgery to heal the sick, he becomes a “real” doctor, turning from his cold-heartedness and stubbornness through his experiences.

My Thoughts: Song Seungheon is good-looking. And perhaps Park Minyoung and Kim Jaejoong are also quite eye-appealing too in their freshness and youth (at least compared to Song Seungheon). But I don’t really like the idea of time travel dramas. Obviously, they’re not logical, as many situations portrayed in dramas aren’t, but the idea of time travel seems so farfetched that it’s hard for dramas to make time travel seem less weird and awkward to us, and the attempts at connecting the past to the future just don’t make sense. As a drama, Dr. Jin is kind of all over the place.

Bottom Line: Watch at your discretion; perhaps, watch only for cast. Don’t set too high expectations for this drama.

2. A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, Sat-Sun)

Cast: Jang Donggun, Kim Haneul, Kim Minjong, Kim Sooro…

Brief Synopsis: The drama follows the lives of four friends, all forty years old as they go in and out of love and through success and failure as urban professionals.

My Thoughts: Jang Donggun is actually not-bad-looking. But he’s forty… Kim Haneul is also quite pretty. Kim Minjong is also okay-looking, but the other two really aren’t so good-looking. I like Jang Donggun and Kim Haneul’s love-line so far; it’s also interesting to see a drama revolved around forty-year-olds for once; most dramas are about people in their twenties or thirties but forty seems so far off and “old.”  I’m looking forward to this, mainly because of my own interest in this kind of drama, not persuasion from Dramabeans… I like dramas just mainly about life, not necessarily about some highly unrealistic *coughRooftopPrinceDr.Jincough* hypothetical situation.

Bottom Line: This drama is supposed to be something like a Korean version of “Sex and the City.” Watch if you like that kind of show or shows about normal life, as I think I do.

3. Bridal Mask (KBS, Wed-Thurs)

Cast: Joo Won, Jin Seyun, Park Kiwoong, Han Chaeah…

Brief Synopsis: A hero is known as Gaksital (‘si’ pronounce ‘shi’), or Bridal Mask as he goes out and fights against injustice and for Korean independence donning a traditional play mask. While he is an ordinary civilian without his mask, he’s a celebrity hero with it.

My Thoughts: Out of the three, this drama has the least familiar faces; I’ve only seen Joo Won in one drama before and heard of Park Kiwoong. Dramabeans has hyped me up for this drama, and I have to admit that it’s pretty intense and action-filled so far. However, the genre/style of the drama isn’t really my type; although the drama seems like it’s set out to be a really good drama, I’m not very invested in the setting. I will watch if the overall drama is good enough for me to ignore my disinterest in the drama (due to both character and setting); the setting also reminds me of Capital Scandal (and after checking, they do both take place in the 1930s). The promotional picture/poster is also quite mysteriously intriguing.

Bottom Line: Watch, unless these kind of dramas really don’t float your boat. 90% guarantee it won’t disappoint(?).


(Side thought: Somehow, all these dramas are specifically centered around males…where all the female leads/heroines at?)