[Above: The latest song from That Winter, the Wind Blows was released today (2.27).]

Admittedly, this episode wasn’t as exciting as the previous episodes. But still, I’m quite enjoying my biweekly dose of melodrama. (And perhaps it was just those annoying ads that kept cutting into the video and my attempts to multitask that detracted from the viewing experience.)

Go below the cut for some highlights/snippets of the episode.

[That Winter] Tears while Jo Insung embraces Song Hyegyo, “You can trust me”

That Winter Song Hyegyo’s sincere tears that make [you] want to wipe them”

A few hours after having watched the episode, I found this scene to be one of the most memorable:

[Context: After Heesun tells Young that her (faux) brother Soo has been treating her so well and using her only because he wants her money, she tells him, “If you need money, you can just kill me right now.“]

As Soo picks up a drunk Young, she muses in the car about Soo’s ulterior motives and how he could just easily kill her right at that instant.


In his frustration, Oh Soo declares,

I could kill you right now. If I came because I needed money, I had numerous opportunities. . . .[I] could [kill] you whenever I just wanted to. [But] it’s too easy to get rid of you.


She breaks down (literally falling down the ground mid-speech), responding,

Are you saying I can just [go ahead and] trust you? Are you saying I can just trust you, Oppa? I can’t believe anyone who stays beside me. Please tell me that [out of all others] I can just trust you, Oppa.

In the meantime,  Soo bends down to hug her, while he is torn himself, wanting to reassure her and allow her to rely on someone, while knowing that he will be deceiving her even more and hurting her more in the long run by affirming his lies. In the moment, he reassures,

You can trust me. You can trust me, Young.

Although this may look like your typical sob-story, in a way, I felt that this scene was different as both characters weren’t just wailing, but also seemed really desperate. Rather than just displaying visible tears of sadness, I felt that Song Hyegyo’s really audible breathing and full-scale bawling, along with Jo Insung’s facial expressions and heavy breathing brought on a more layered meaning to what could’ve seemed like a cookie-cutter scene. It seemed as if Soo was struggling to perhaps deal with or even to just name his emotions, with his arched eyebrows, wandering eyes, and open mouth.

Also, I found it commendable that both actors (especially Song Hyegyo) didn’t downplay their characters’ desperation and were willing to look even ugly in this scene (whereas I feel Song Hyegyo would still look pretty in a normal tears-only crying scene, I felt that this scene detracted from her goddess-like image in Korea, positively displaying her ability to cover a greater range of emotions.)

[Netizens felt moved by Song Hyegyo’s tears and felt they could sympathize with her.]