winter high cut 9

Ugh. This couple was already photogenic from the start, but High Cut just had to rub it in with pretty photo-editing. But anyhow, the title of this pictorial, released on March 7, is

Jo Insung, Song Hyegyo

Going to the place where that winter wind blows

It seems that most, if not all, of these cuts were from the filming of episode 8 of That Winter, the Wind Blows. And in case you haven’t noticed, the High Cut label isn’t the only thing that distinguishes this pictorial from the actual drama; there lies a very noticeable microphone in the upper right hand corner of the picture above, and the following pictures very deliberately reveal what one might call “the bigger picture” of scenes from the drama.

winter high cut 8

(above) Might I saw this one is my favorite? The juxtaposition of the crew worker holding the microphone for a scene featuring Jo Insung and Song Hyegyo is priceless. Perhaps the black and white heightens this while a picture in full color would have diverted attention to the variance in color? In another sense, this picture may serve to assure fans that what they see happening on their TV screen is really acted out, reminding them not to get too worried or caught up in what is not so vivid and real.

(below) Perhaps I missed something, but I believe I have yet to see the couple wearing such clothes for a scene in the drama…maybe a future episode? And then…there’s a snowball fight to once again deviously make you fall in love with or feel envious over how beautiful the couple is. And even more, the scene was not shown in the drama, delighting fans in the real off-screen interactions and further feeding fans’ hopes for the couple in the drama.

winter high cut(above) Jo Insung’s facial expression is priceless.

(below) This picture. Why so real and cute?

winter high cut 2

These next candids are for the climbing-up-to-the-mountain scene.

winter high cut 5

winter high cut 7

(ab0ve) Jo Insung stands out especially in his dark clothes (while Song Hyegyo’s jacket seems to blend in) in front of the snowy white backdrop.

winter high cut 3

(above) And why are they hugging even when it seems that filming isn’t going on yet? *sigh* They just have to hold their pose for the camera? (Once again, the candidness emphasized by the nearby crew worker.)

(below) Bonus: For those wishing for something other than interactions between the lead couple:

winter high cut 6