I felt that I wasn’t liking Akdong Musician‘s performances on KPOPSTAR2 recently, but I think it may have just been that I didn’t like the outfits or distracting visuals even when the songs were good, because upon listening to the studio versions or just the music of the performances, the songs sounded better than I remembered them.

I particularly liked this performance/song perhaps because there weren’t very blinding colors or outfits to really distract me or make me cringe. Although the pronunciation of “crescendo” and some of the cheesy English lines did make me cringe, the catchy beat and especially Soohyun’s (the girl) high vocals were too good to make me not like this song. (More below the cut.)

In part of the episode I believe Chanhyuk (the boy) said that this song was the most “idol”-like song that they had ever performed (or even composed), and that was the feeling I got upon listening to this song (before watching that clip). Even though I haven’t been listening to or even just sampling idol songs recently as I sort of formed a distaste for them, I really liked this song, maybe even because it seemed like the only “idol” performance/song I had seen/heard in this show in a while. And while one might argue that the name of the show, “KPOPSTAR,” doesn’t limit it to mainly “idol”-oriented contestants, performances, and songs, I think the fact that the judges – BoA, Yang Hyunsuk, and Park Jinyoung – represent the “Big 3” music companies, SM, YG, and JYP, respectively, gives the impression that whoever ends up the winner or top runner-ups of the show will be oriented for the masses in an “idol”-like way, as the three companies primarily specialize in producing “idols.” So in that sense, Akdong Musician’s “Crescendo” performance was interesting in that for once, it really seemed like a song that an actual K-Pop star (likely an “idol”) would sing, and it was additionally refreshing because it seemed like a high-quality “idol” song and performance that I really haven’t seen in very long time.

This performance really shows Soohyun (13) and Chanhyuk (16) of Akdong Musician enjoying themselves, making it even more enjoyable for the viewers. And even if seeing their happiness on stage doesn’t make you happy, just look at Park Jinyoung’s ridiculously happy face when the camera focuses on him around 1:33.

In their later comments, the judges spoke of how they really liked Soohyun at first out of the duo, but with each performance and his raps, Chanhyuk became all the more talented and appealing. Although I wasn’t necessarily rooting for Akdong Musician for the live rounds, I will be for the upcoming rounds.

Another performance that stood out for one of the contestants I found the least interesting of the top 6 was Andrew Choi‘s. I didn’t really see reason for him to continue advancing to future rounds because I felt that his performances, like that of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love” last week, weren’t very interesting and good. But at the onset, I liked the melody of the song he performed this week, 10cm‘s “To Die For” (as in something is good to the extent of being “to die for”), and as Park Jinyoung later commented, this performance was very enjoyable and good in that you could really see Andrew Choi’s comfort and enjoyment in singing the song as he really opened himself up. I, and most people, suspect that it’s because he’s relating the lyrics to his girlfriend.