It has been quite a while since I last posted on this blog, and I suspect I will never revive it back to its glory/peak days, but I always love to come back to this blog whenever there’s a song that I like [so much that I want to translate it].

I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently; I really love the heavy guitar instrumental and the overall melody. Moreover, a big plus is always being able to understand most of the lyrics without even having to look at a translation or the Korean hangul for that matter. :)


verse 1)
우리가 헤어진 진짜 이유
너는 알고 있을까
아마 지금의 너에겐
아무런 상관이 없겠지

이해할수록 멀어지던 너
좀처럼 화내질 않았던 나
노력할수록 지루해졌던 너와 나

설레임뿐야, 니가 바랬던건
처음뿐이야, 니가 날 바라본건
우리가 헤어진 진짜 이윤 없어
니가 날 사랑하지 않았을 뿐
다른 이윤 없어

날 사랑한적 없을 뿐
이제야 모든게 선명해

verse 2)
내가 널 사랑한 진짜 이유
너는 아마 모를걸
그래 알았다면 나를
쉽게도 떠날리 없겠지

새로운 사랑 꿈을 꾸던 너
영원한 사랑을 꿈꾸던 나
바라보는게 너무 달랐던 너와 나

* repeat

다르게 쓰인 너와 나의 사랑
다르게 남을 너와 나의 마지막
내가 널 반드시 잊을 필욘 없어
어차피 혼자 남은 이자리에
조금 더 있을게

d bridge)
나쁜 꿈을 꿨어
다시 돌아온 너에게 다시 반한 나
멋대로 돌아온 너를 또 받아주던 나

* repeat


verse 1)
The real reason why we broke up,
would you know it?
It probably has no meaning
to you right now

As [] tried to understand, you, who drew further away 이해할수록 멀어지던 너
I, who rarely didn’t get angry
You and I, who became more tired the more [we] tried

That it was only [momentary] excitement, is what you hoped
That [I] was only the first, is how you looked at me
There isn’t any real reason why we broke up
[It’s] just that you didn’t love me
There’s no other reason

[It’s] just that you never loved me
Now everything is clear [to me]

verse 2)
The real reason why I loved you,
You probably don’t know
Because if you knew,
You wouldn’t have left me so easily

You, who dreamed of a[nother] new love [with a different person]
I, who dreamed of an everlasting love
You and I, who I find were so different as I look back 바라보는게 너무 달랐던 너와 나

* repeat

Your and my love, which is written differently
Your and my last, which remains different
I don’t need to completely forget you [once and for all]
Because anyhow, I’ll be in this remaining place by myself
Just for a little longer

d bridge)
I had a bad dream[:]
I, who returned to and fell in love with you again
I, who received you who had just come back as you pleased again

* repeat