jukbang + fattie2

Already at the last part of this series! I’m glad I made it this far considering the schedule I have going on in life. This post will be centered around some more minor characters that I found a liking to, precisely Godo and Jukbang, and maybe anyone else whom I may feel like writing about.

jukbang + fattie

Godo (aka: resident fatty who makes me laugh):

I loved Godo’s humor and the comical factor that he brought into this show. He really helped bring out the funny here – I’m really grateful for you Godo. It’s very interesting to see how Godo changes throughout the drama – he used to be a petty thief but becomes this strong fighter for Silla and for Deokman. He changes from funny to serious, and grows out a huge beard. But the focus of this post will actually be on Jukbang, since Godo’s just Jukbang’s sidekick. Just felt the need to write a bit about him before I get to my main shpeal.



First off, I need to tell you all that I love this actor – I’ve seen him in various dramas playing random characters. He’s never really the main character but as a minor role he comes pretty darn close.

Our first impression of Jukbang is not the best one – he comes off as a fraud, liar, and cheat, so I obviously don’t like him from the moment I see him. And for some reason he just keeps sticking to Deokman which also annoys me because of his behavior. But he changes throughout the drama to become the Queen’s adviser and one of those background people that she asks for advice because unlike Yusin and Bidam, he is more level-headed and objective over different situations.

Jukbang also brings some comedic relief here, which I really appreciated, although at times he messed up and was motivated and driven by his own greed instead of good. Yet Jukbang still sticks with us for the duration of the show and rises to become one of my favorite “background” people! He is truly a good guy and one to keep in mind. His later wisdom truly helped balance out his personality and other quirks.

Cheers to the end of this blogging series, and the end of my withdrawal stage after finishing Queen Seondeok! (Those withdrawals can be nasty and detrimental to life at times..)