Recently I was listening to compilations of Davichi’s songs on Youtube, and I came across “Can You Hear Me” from the original soundtrack for Korean musical Tears of Heaven that premiered in early 2011. I had heard of it then, or maybe a few times in the past – in addition to casting Lee Haeri, the musical featured Kim Junsu of JYJ as its protagonist. For some reason, after having casually heard this track a few times over the years, this time around, the track stuck – just the epic grandeur of the melody and the dramatic effect produced by the instrumental joined with the musical actors’ vocals and dynamics was mesmerizing. As the producers called the musical one of Broadway caliber, I think this track really demonstrates the high quality and grand scale of this production (the musical was composed by Frank Wildhorn). (You can learn more about the musical here.)

I think I like the actual musical version above Lee Haeri’s recorded version, because the addition of the male voice (turning the track into a duet) really makes the track more lovely, especially as the female and male seemingly exchange dialogue through their interjections, and the harmonies reinforce the unity and shared mindset expressed in the lyrics. Also, the choir heightens the drama of it. But nonetheless, Lee Haeri makes her studio version an enjoyable, albeit different, listen in its own right.

The above video is from a mini-concert for the musical, featuring Jung Sangyoon and Lee Haeri as the leads. Below is an English version performance by Brad Little and Lee Haeri, and below that is the audio of Lee Haeri’s solo studio version.

Note: The musical version and Lee Haeri’s version have different lyrics; the translation below is of Lee Haeri’s version.


내 눈은 그댈 보지 못해도 난 항상 그대 곁에 있어요
내 귀가 그대 얘기를 듣지 못해도 알죠 그렇죠 날 사랑하는 걸

어둠 속에 빛이 되어준 사람 나는 그대만을 바라보고 있어요

*들리나요 들리나요 내 마음이 하는 말
세상 어디 있다해도 같은 하늘 아래 있다는 것을 기억해요

눈물이 그대에게 닿으면 하늘에 비가 내리는 거죠
바람이 그대 두 뺨을 어루만진다면 간절한 내 손길인거죠

내게 미안해 하지는 말아요 지금 내 목소리에 귀 기울여 봐요

헤어짐이 두려워도 이대로 사랑해요 사랑해요
내 사랑을 믿어요 세상 어디 있다해도
오늘밤 우리가 맺은 그 약속 기억해요 기억해요 기억해요

English Translation:

Even if my eyes cannot see you, I am always by your side
Even if my ears cannot hear you speak, I know, that you love me

The person who becomes light in darkness, I am looking only at you

*Can you hear me, can you hear me, the words of my heart
No matter where you are in the world, remember that we are under the same sky

If tears brush against you, it’s [just] rain falling from the sky
If the wind strokes your two cheeks, it’s [just] my earnest hand

Do not feel sorry towards me, now listen carefully to my voice

Even if parting is frightening, in this way, I love you, I love you
Believe my love, no matter where you are in the world,
The promise that we make tonight, remember, remember, remember

Hopefully I will get around to translating the musical version after finding the lyrics.