(Note: This paragraph mainly explains what a fob is if you don’t know. It also describes my definition(s) of “fob”.)

First, if you don’t know what a fob is, it’s basically a name people call someone who’s from Asia (when I refer to Asians, I mean Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and sometimes Filipino people – many times like now, when people say Asians they exclude Russians and others) who does/wears something that only people who just came from Asia would do. Fob stands for “Fresh Off the Boat”, but it usually doesn’t mean people from Europe…Many times like now when I refer to fobs, I don’t necessary mean people who are “fresh off the boat”. When I use the word “fob”, I also mean people who came on airplanes, Asian people born in Asia who live in the US (but still live fobby lifestyles), people who still live in Asia but would be considered “fobby” if they were in the US/Europe, and sometimes, even people who were born in the US, but still act like fobs. Sometimes I might even use the word “fob” to describe an Asian person born in Asia who never moved overseas, but if they did, they would be considered a “fob”.

Behind “Wannabefob”

Wannabefob is a blog owned by a pair of lovely sisters. We decided to call this blog “wannabefob” because although we’re not actually fobs, we sometimes wish we were. We wouldn’t want to be a fob in the sense of having bad English, but sometimes, we just wish that we could live in Asia and experience all the cool stuff there that hasn’t reached the United States yet. We like fobs/fobby stuff.

We first started writing about 2PM, K-Pop, and Raymond Lam. As time went on, we started writing about different things in the K-Pop world and one of us (Wannabefob) even started romanizing Korean song lyrics, and translating too.

You may be thinking, why Kpop or Korean dramas? Why are we writing about all this stuff? Well, to make the story short, we turned to Asian entertainment, looking for an alternative when we were growing tired of Disney Channel and inappropriate American shows. We reside in California, but that doesn’t mean that we love what Hollywood gives us.

Back to the present

Today, this blog is to share our loves and hates about the Korean drama world with others. We love blogging, but we hate being restrained by the standards and rules set in professional K-Pop blogging websites (yes, we have experienced this in the past when we worked at a growing K-Pop site). We would much rather rant and share our opinions while posting about what we have a passion for, which is primarily Korean dramas.

We don’t know how big this blog will get, or if it will even get any readers, but if we can at least help one person to learn something new about Korean dramas or get at least one person hooked onto a drama that we love watching, then we’ll be quite satisfied.

Occasionally, we may post content unrelated to Korean entertainment – our blog is called Wannabefob, not I Love Korean Entertainment. We will post articles about anything related to the concept of ‘Wannabefob’ without warning.

We want to make it clear that this is our blog, so we will be biased – so be it. We won’t even try to be objective, so if you’re going to hate on us because of what we post here, then it would be better for you to leave and find a blog that you agree more with.

Also, we have LIVES apart from blogging; blogging is only a nice pastime for us. However, we are both busy people that go to school, hang out with friends, and vacation from time to time. So please understand if we don’t update this blog in days, weeks, or even months (hopefully that won’t happen though).

Your comments are greatly appreciated. We read each and every one of them <3