We have seen many, MANY dramas. Perhaps even too many, but we’re not complaining. If you’re thinking of watching a drama, but you don’t know what to watch, or you may have a drama in mind but you don’t know if you should watch it, then look at our ratings!

Like the system on Dramabeans, we’ll each rate the dramas we watch and add some commentary too. In order to keep our biased opinions from spreading too much, we’ll give the dramas an objective and subjective rating. Ratings will be out of 10 – 10 will be the highest (as in perfect) and 1 will be the lowest (as in horrible). Subjective ratings will come first and objective ratings will follow.

Let the rating begin! Oh, and for the dramas that Eunii reviewed, we’ll add the links next to the drama name.

For your convenience, we’ve organized the dramas in alphabetical order. If you’re looking for a certain drama, you can click the letter below to jump to that section without needing to scroll down so much. Also, keep in mind that some dramas have various titles. For example, the drama Princess Hours is also known as Goong, so I put it under the letter G as Goong.

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The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (K)

–Eunii: Cute and very popular, but I didn’t find myself particularly in love with this drama or its characters. Maybe I’ll re-watch this drama and give it another chance in the future. (6/8)

–Wannabefob: First drama that I encountered with cross-dressing. Not extraordinary but not too ordinary. (6.5/6)

1 Litre of Tears (J)

–Eunii: A beautiful drama based on a real story, this drama is bound to touch your heart and teach you the true value of life. Like everyone else says, get your box of tissues ready, because the tears will probably keep flowing. (7/9)

–Wannabefob: Touching, sad, and pure. (8/8)

1% of Anything (K)

–Eunii: I thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama. It’s not as funny or great as other dramas, but I found it simple and more realistic. Also, the grandpa here is adorable. I loved his personality and his matchmaking tactics. (8/6)

–Wannabefob: Maybe it’s because good-looking actors appealed to me more when I first started watching dramas, but I didn’t find this drama very interesting or funny. (5/6)

49 Days (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Great storyline, brilliant scriptwriting, and good actors – this drama had it all, until the end, which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to me. (7.5/7.5)

–Wannabefob: Nam Gyuri was a bit annoying, Jo Hyunjae was cute, and the mom was too melodramatic. Otherwise, this drama was well-written, well-scripted, and very fine-tuned, just to my liking. The ending was satisfying yet disappointing. (7/7.5)

7 Days in Life (HK) [Review]

–Eunii: This is probably one of the funniest TVB dramas that I have ever seen. It’s straight up hilarious and all the random scenarios that occur made this an entertaining drama to watch. (8/6)

–Wannabefob: A Hong Kong drama filled with loads of laughter and unrealistic occurrences. My sister and I loved it, but I could see why others wouldn’t. (8.5/6)

9 Ends 2 Outs (K)

–Eunii: Didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. The leads are hot, but the storyline wasn’t very strong and at points, it was slow and stagnant. (5/5)

–Wannabefob: While watching the drama, I couldn’t help but think that Soo Ae looked like Younha. Now I know better, but anyways, the friend-liking-friend idea seemed unique at the time. (6/6)


Absolute Boyfriend (J)

–Eunii: Pretty out of this world..in a weird, convoluted way. I don’t like robots and humans falling in love – it just doesn’t work. (5/5)

–Wannabefob: When my sister told me that this drama was about a robot and human falling in love, I was iffy about watching it, and that feeling didn’t go away at any given time during the drama.(2.5/5.5)

Athena: Goddess of War (K) [Review]

–Eunii: This action-packed drama seemed a bit repetitive to me, but the one thing that kept me watching was the individual characters and their inner conflicts. The characters really bought me emotionally. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: Yoon Hyein!!!! She is probably my favorite female character/heroine in any drama period. From a heartless murderer to a compassionate spy, her many dimensions tugged at my heart as I developed a love for both her and the actress, Soo Ae. Did I mention that she’s amazing at crying? Other pluses were the action scenes and the relationship between Son Hyuk and Yoon Hyein, but it undoubtedly could’ve been waay better (I can see why it wasn’t nearly as popular as IRIS). (8.5/6)

Attic Cat (K)

–Eunii: Did well in Korea, but I didn’t like this drama much. Nothing really clicked for me here, yet I somehow managed to finish it. (5/7)

–Wannabefob: Characters and plot just weren’t very convincing. (3/5)

Autumn’s Concerto (TW) [Review]

–Eunii: This drama is completely overrated as it’s another drama that everyone loved more than I did. I gotta admit that the kid’s cute though. (7.5/7)

–Wannabefob: I don’t want to be a party pooper, but this drama didn’t really appeal to me. I don’t really know why, but it just didn’t feel very enjoyable. (4.5/7)


Baby-Faced Beauty (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Cute and filled with fashion from start to finish. (6.5/6.5)

–Wannabefob: A story of a talented designer who has faced many setbacks in her career. (6/6)

Bad Couple (K)

–Eunii: If it’s one word to describe this drama, it’s “hilarious” – it had me laughing throughout it; however, it also proved to be a bit dramatic. The female character’s sly yet foolish (and childish) plans kept the drama going. (7/6)

–Wannabefob: I must admit, the first scene was a TOTAL turnoff. Seriously. Luckily, the drama was a lot more than just that one scene. The female lead’s antics made the drama more enjoyable, but at the same time, contradicted her original strong, feminist character. (7/6)

Boys Before Flowers (K)

–Eunii: I would’ve probably liked this drama a lot more if it wasn’t so overrated. Like seriously, I actually enjoyed watching this drama, but everyone else ruined it for me. (6/6.5)

–Wannabefob: I almost despised this drama. The Taiwanese and Japanese versions were so much better, yet this version seemed to have the most hype and success. (4/6)

Brown Sugar Macchiato (TW)

–Eunii: Cute but stupid and pointless. But if you’re looking for eye candy, you’ve come to the right drama. (7/4)

–Wannabefob: The drama mostly focused on the six couples at school, so the inheritance part didn’t seem all that important. Like Eunii said, cute but stupid. (6/5)


Capital Scandal (K)

–Eunii: Enjoyable, hilarious, and a tad suspenseful. (8/6)

–Wannabefob: An enjoyable, interesting, and funny twist on a historical drama. (7/6.5)

Cinderella’s Sister (K) [Review]

–Eunii: The first 4 episodes were absolutely beautiful, but after that, it all started going downhill. Could’ve been great but ended up being a disaster in many ways. (6/7)

–Wannabefob: A remnant strand of hope from the first four episodes carried me through the whole drama. The climax I was waiting for never came. This was a perfect example of a good drama gone bad. If you have to watch it, just watch the first four episodes to spare yourself some sixteen hours. (4.5/6)

City Hall (K)

–Eunii: I don’t understand why everyone thought that this drama was so amazing because frankly, I didn’t find it that great. In fact, it was difficult to even finish. (4/6)

Clue Collector (TW)

–Eunii: Suspenseful and scary at first but predictable later on. The cute leads were a plus. (6/6)

–Wannabefob: The thing that fueled the drama was the suspense. It was almost like a horror science fiction drama, which isn’t really my type. (5/5)

Corner With Love (TW)

–Eunii: Cute and worth watching. But worth watching again? I don’t think so. (6/7)

–Wannabefob: I only saw parts of this drama, but it really didn’t appeal to me. Even though the girl went from riches to rags, I felt no apparent emotional tug. (4/6)

Couple or Trouble (K)

–Eunii: Not as great as I thought it would be. The plot and storyline never really hooked me although it was an interesting drama. This is my least favorite Hong Sisters drama. (5/6)

–Wannabefob: I only watched part of this drama. The cutest parts were with the three nephews, and I learned that there are such things as electric blankets. I couldn’t really tell that this was a Hong Sisters drama. (3.5/5.5)

Creating Destiny (K) [Review]

–Eunii: I’m a sucker for family dramas and this one hooked me right away. Sadly, the plot slowed down as the drama progressed, but it still remains a memorable drama for me. (7.5/6)

–Wannabefob: This drama was pretty promising at first…but then it got shortened and I had to stop mid-drama for a couple of weeks, so I began to lose interest. Plus, the drama’s plot slowed down. (7/6.5)


Dalja’s Spring (K)

–Eunii: The plot is cliché, main cast is so-so. Highlight for me here – the chemistry. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: This drama really just didn’t stick – I only remember the basic plot of it. (4/6)

Damo (K)

–Eunii: Has most of the elements of a typical Korean drama – I actually watched this for a class assignment, so it was less for leisure and more for academic purposes (I may or may not publish the paper online depending on my sentiments). This drama deals a lot with the definition of what “good” means and what justice truly is. (6.5/8)

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (K)

–Eunii: The first drama by the Hong Sisters and one of the earlier series that I watched. I adored this drama and it’s one of the few that are actually worth watching again. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: I was quite cynical about Korean entertainment at the time of watching this, but I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. (8/7.5)

Densha Otoko (J)

–Eunii: Interesting but plain weird. (6/5)

–Wannabefob: I was weirded out throughout this whole drama. (2.5/5)

Devil Beside You (TW)

–Eunii: Everyone seems to love this drama, but I just liked it. Nothing more than that. The only thing that I really remember and like from this drama is Rainie’s song, Ai Mei. (6/6)

–Wannabefob: I actually disliked (not hated) this drama with a passion. “Ai Mei” didn’t make it any better. (3/6)

D.I.E. (Death Investigation Extension) (HK)

–Eunii: A detective drama that manages to mix in some humor. Solving cases is always cool. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: One of the few Hong Kong dramas that I actually watched online. People were so disappointed with the ending that TVB made an alternate ending. (7/7)

Dream High (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Didn’t have high expectations for this drama but it actually surprised me. I ended up falling in love with the characters, and all the songs and competitions made this drama even better. Biggest flaw was the acting. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: I knew I had to watch this drama after the teaser came out. The acting was awkward at times, but hey, the singing and dancing wasn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the OST and the drama, but I’m not anticipating a season two. (8/7)

Dream High 2 (K)

–Wannabefob: And people are asking for a season three. Really? All the potential weaknesses I anticipated in Dream High 2 became conspicuous and honestly, the drama’s not even worth finishing. At most, it’s worth two hours of your time (watching performances and listening to OSTs, perhaps watching highlights if you wish). (5/5)


East of Eden (K)

–Eunii: This drama combines the past with the present, brings about juicy stories of revenge, and the tales of love blossom beautifully here. What I didn’t like: Plot was too repetitive, and ending was not very good. (9/7)

–Wannabefob: This drama made me fall in love with Song Seunghun, Lee Yeonhee, and Lee Dahae. The plot gradually became repetitive and a tad boring, and it was a shame that Lee Dahae had to drop out of the drama midway. Definitely could’ve been better. (9/7)


Fated to Love You (TW)

–Eunii: An overrated but nevertheless good drama. The leads are beautiful and their chemistry together is very convincing. (8/6.5)

–Wannabefob: A memorable Taiwanese drama. (7.5/7)

Full House (K)

–Eunii: This was the first Korean drama I ever set my eyes upon, and I didn’t like it, probably because I was not used to the style of K-dramas. However, after a few years of drama watching, I tried this one again and I found myself enjoying it a lot more. (7/8)

–Wannabefob: As my first Korean drama, this drama wasn’t too bad. But when judged against other dramas, this drama wasn’t very significant. However, it was enjoyable. (6.5/7)


A Gentleman’s Dignity (K)

-Eunii: I only watched this drama because my friends recommended it to me, but I was unfortunately disappointed by the result. The plot is not that strong and the relations between characters wasn’t that strong either. This drama was “meh” for me. (5/6)

Giant (K)

–Eunii: It’s a huge time commitment (not to mention an emotionally draining drama) at 60 episodes, but really one of those dramas that you won’t regret watching. It’s a revenge story, but still underscores and highlights important character-building values like the importance of family, love, and forgiveness. (9/8.5)

–Wannabefob: Sixty episodes of melodrama, revenge, and romance. Giant calls for more time and emotional commitment than your typical sixteen-episode rom-com, but it satisfies while keeping you on your feet. (8.5/8.5)

Gokusen (J)

–Eunii: Funny, cool, and a drama that shows people changing for the better. (8.5/7)

–Wannabefob: One of my favorite Japanese dramas. Funny, original, and quirky. (9/7)

Gokusen 2 (J)

–Eunii: Same plot as the first one, but just with a different group of kids and a new man. Not as good as the first drama. (6/5)

–Wannabefob: If I watched this before watching Gokusen, this would get the rating that I gave Gokusen. However, it was a sequel/spinoff, and thus, it lost its charm as recycled ideas do. (6.5/6)

Gokusen 3 (J)

–Eunii: Now things are really starting to get boring. And it’s annoying to see the main girl fall for all these different guys throughout the three dramas. I think that you just need to watch the first one, not all three. Don’t waste your time. (6/5)

–Wannabefob: Yes, we sat through all three of them. By recycling the concept yet another time, the third season had lost much of the first season’s original charm. (4.5/5)

Goong/Princess Hours (K)

–Eunii: This charming drama mixes the past Korea with the present one – we have a real prince who meets a normal girl. I found this drama appealing but also boring at times. (7.5/7.5)

–Wannabefob: Cute and enjoyable; one of the first dramas I felt attracted to. (7.5/7.5)

Goong S (K)

–Eunii: Se7en’s cute and all, but that doesn’t make this drama any better. A spin-off sequel should’ve never been made in the first place because this drama pretty much failed. (5.5/5)

–Wannabefob: This drama proved that nothing beats the original. (5/5)

Great Teacher Onizuka (J)

–Eunii: Extremely comical, inspirational, and overall a breezy drama to watch. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: This was a Japanese drama that didn’t seem like a Japanese drama at all. Original and lighthearted. (6.5/7.5)

The Greatest Love (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Not my favorite Hong Sisters drama, but nevertheless cute, funny, and lighthearted. Still pretty new to dramas? Then ding dong! This might be the one for you. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: Definitely made me like the actors more. Good, but a bit distasteful at the same time. (6.5/7)


Hana Kimi (J)

–Eunii: Lots of people like this version more than the Taiwanese version, but I beg to differ. This isn’t as funny as the Taiwanese version and the main character does not look like a guy at all. In fact, she looks too much like a girl. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: This drama seemed lacking compared to the Taiwanese version without the humor. (5/7)

Hana Kimi (TW)

–Eunii: Hilarious drama that had me cracking up all the time, no joke. (8.5/6)

–Wannabefob: Funny, funny, funny. So what if Ella can’t act? One of my all-time favorite Taiwanese dramas. (9/6)

Hana Yori Dango (J)

–Eunii: Loved the OST songs, and out of all the versions I’ve seen (Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean), this version is the best. The main guy’s kind of ugly, but he grows on you over time so it’s all good. (8/8)

–Wannabefob: One of my favorite Japanese dramas; better than the Taiwanese and Korean versions. The cast wasn’t all that good-looking, but the female lead was cuter. (8/7.5)

Hana Yori Dango 2 (J)

–Eunii: Sequels are normally horrible, but this one is actually okay. It continues the story but brings in more conflicts without breaking off the love story entirely. (7.5/7.5)

–Wannabefob: A good continuation of the first drama, not dragging the story too far. (7/7)

Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen For Me (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Lots of eye candy and addicting OST songs, but lacking on the conflict and plot. (7/4.5)

Heaven’s Wedding Gown/La Robe De Mariage Des Cieux (TW)

–Eunii: Unique plot that centers around fashion, but I honestly don’t remember much about it. (6/6)

Hi My Sweetheart (TW) [Review]

–Eunii: This drama won my heart from the start with the nerdy guy, rebel girl, and the pink panther. In fact, it would’ve continued to do so if the main guy didn’t become such a jerk and if the plot didn’t suddenly spiral downwards. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: Cute and quirky, but things became too complicated and cliche towards the end of the drama. (6/6.5)

High Kick Through The Roof (K)

–Eunii: Looking for something that’s enjoyable but not too addicting and not a complete waste of your time? Then look here. This sitcom is funny and hilarious, and each episode is unrelated to the others. It may be long, but since it’s not very addicting, you can take your time watching it. Also, each episode is only 20-30 minutes long, so there’s much less of a time commitment. The only sour part of this drama was the last few episodes, which became very serious and almost ruined the whole thing for me. I did not like the ending one bit. (8/8)

–Wannabefob: Lighthearted until the last couple of episodes. If the last couple of episodes weren’t so melodramatic/un-sitcom-like, I would’ve liked it more. Nonetheless, anecdotes and characters were hilarious and sweet. (8.5/8)

History of a Salaryman (K)

–Eunii: This show started off slow but it quickly picked up its pace and really caught my attention. There was not one dull moment (except in the beginning) and the characters made me laugh with their quirky humor. (7/7.5)

Hong Gil Dong (K)

–Eunii: This drama was for the most part lighthearted and cute to watch, but near the end, it started to get quite dramatic. The ending can be seen as either good or bad, but for me it was more on the bad side. (7/7.5)


I Hear Your Voice (K)

–Eunii: The beginning was riveting and the creativity of the plot captured my attention; however, as the drama progressed, the plot weakened in its streak. The drama did not suddenly turn around and become a failure but it did generate less hype than it originally boasted of. (6.5/6)

I Really Really Like You (K)

–Eunii: Loving the country accent in Eugene. The overall drama is not bad if you’re looking for something breezy and easy to watch, but it’s not something that I’d watch if not for Eugene. The amount of love scenes here are very, very rare too, which is a huge bummer. (7/6)

–Wannabefob: Wasn’t anything particularly special. (5/6)

Iljimae (K)

–Eunii: I loved this drama – great eye candy and interesting storyline. Our hero takes from the corrupt and gives back to the poor, not to mention that he’s gorgeous. Who can beat that? (8.5/8)

It Started With a Kiss (TW)

–Eunii: Cute, adorable, and not too annoying to me. This is one of the more unique Taiwanese dramas that I’ve seen (although it was based off of a Japanese manga series). (8/7)

–Wannabefob: Funny and cute, but I still don’t really get how the main guy came to like the main girl. (8/7.5)

IRIS (K) [Review]

–Eunii: A riveting drama filled with nonstop action, suspense, and romance, this drama completely sucked me in when I first started watching it. However, this series suffered from overrated-ness thanks to Big Bang’s TOP who acted in this drama as an assassin. FYI: I did not start this drama because of TOP. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: Filled with complications and misunderstandings. My sister faithfully checked Dramacrazy multiple times every day to see if it was subbed. Different, not necessarily that much better than Athena: Goddess of War. (8.5/7.5)


Jewel in the Palace / Dae Jang Geum (K)

–Eunii: This riveting drama kept me intrigued for most of its run and it’s one of the only historical dramas that Ive actually seen and finished. Yay! (8/9)

Jumong (K)

–Eunii: Honestly didn’t get to the end of this drama. But that is not to say that this drama is not good – in fact, I loved every minute of it. The plot is well done and everything ties together very nicely, but for me, this drama was not addicting so I was able to stop before reaching the end, probably because the drama just had too many episodes. (7.5/9)


Kimi Wa Petto (J)

–Eunii: Interesting, unique, and disturbingly cute. (6/6)

–Wannabefob: Leads one to question the limit of human interaction in a sometimes disturbing way. (3/6)

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (K)

–Eunii: Warning- I really wanted to eat bread while and after watching this drama. Aside from the bread, this drama opened up as a beautiful story, but it left me kind of angry at the end. I just keep asking, “WHY?!” (8/8)

–Wannabefob: Got me hooked. I was appalled at how much someone would do for revenge. So many things didn’t turn out as I hoped, leaving a bittersweet impression. (7/7)

Koizora (J)

–Eunii: An enchanting and touching high school love story – you may cry. (6/7.5)


Last Scandal (K)

–Eunii: A delightful drama that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not disappointing at all- manages to be funny with dramatic scenes, but not so dramatic to the point where your heart gets ripped out (except in one episode). I loved how Sunny Hong portrays the everyday housewife who is loyal to her husband. Even though a hot star’s hitting on her, she does not get swayed easily and she recognizes the responsibilities that she holds towards her family and others around her. I do not regret watching this drama and I recommend it for those who are looking for something refreshing and fun to watch. (9/8.5)

–Wannabefob: Funny, lighthearted, and enjoyable for most of its duration – that is, until the drama lost some of its original charm when things became more serious at the end. (7/8)

Lie to Me (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Waste of time- the plot was all over the place and everything was too predictable. Chemistry is undeniable though. (6/4)

–Wannabefob: Watching the last few episodes became burdensome despite the loveable actors here. (5/4)

Likeable Or Not (K)

–Eunii: People normally stay away from dramas that are this long because of the huge time commitment required to get through the entire series, but if you don’t look at the number of episodes and just watch, it goes by quickly. I found this drama sweet and cute, but also heart-wrenching at times. Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone willing to try it. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: I hate HATE it when the couple I’m looking forward to doesn’t end up together. Enough said. (6.5/7)

Long Vacation (J)

–Eunii: The only scene I remember is the last one, with the interesting series of kisses (which I found awkward). I hardly remember anything else so my subjective rating on this drama may be skewed. (5/7)

–Wannabefob: I barely remember this drama; I hardly even remember the weird kiss scene. (4.5/6.5)

Love Marriage (K)

–Eunii: Delightful, funny and quirky. I also loved the twist – a matchmaker and a divorced man fall in love. Different but not too weird or unusual. (8/5)

Love Shuffle (J)

–Eunii: The plot of this drama was very compelling to me. There was no set love line here, but I liked that. Seeing the characters experiment with each other to test their compatibility and such was very unique, and it definitely brought something new to the drama scene. (6.5/6)

–Wannabefob: Unique plot. I didn’t like the drama too much while watching it, but looking back, it wasn’t too bad. (4.5/5.5)

Love Story in Harvard (K)

–Eunii: Boring and the plot dragged to the point where I couldn’t even finish the drama no matter how much I tried to. The actors fail at speaking English but it was funny to see them attempt to do so. (5/6)

–Wannabefob: Interesting but boring. The horrible English turned serious scenes into hilarious ones. It started to get a bit more interesting once the drama transitioned into Korea, but sitting through the drama was a struggle. (3.5/5)

Lovers in Paris (K)

–Eunii: Dropped this drama after watching episode 14. I tried to stick to it and all since it was very popular in Korea, but I just couldn’t stand watching it. The beginning was captivating and fun but the dramatic part became too overbearing for me. (5/7)


Magicians of Love (TW)

–Eunii: This drama consists of a normal girl, hot guys, and a famous barber shop, not to mention hair-cutting competitions. More exciting than it sounds. (8/7.5)

–Wannabefob: Altogether, a well-paced drama that I enjoyed. (8/7.5)

Maid in Akihabara (J)

–Eunii: Super short drama, pretty pointless, and plain weird. I’m not used to Japanese culture yet and I don’t know if I’ll ever be. (2/3)

–Wannabefob: Please tell me I watched this drama because I was plain bored. (2/2)

Mars (TW)

–Eunii: This drama proves that not all Taiwanese dramas are romantic comedies with meaningless stories. It’s deep and even to the point of disturbing in some scenes. I do not recommend this for people who are young teenagers (as I was when I saw this drama), but for those that are more mature, it is a drama that you don’t want to miss out on. (5/8)

–Wannabefob: Intricate and deep. Perfect for those looking for serious, mature, and sometimes dark dramas. (5/7.5)

Me Too, Flower! (K)

–Wannabefob: This drama is seriously underrated. This drama stands out among so many disappointments of 2011, but it’s a shame it never passed into double-digit ratings. (7.5/7.5)

Mei Chan No Shitsuji (J)

–Eunii: Whoa, I’d love a personal butler who does everything with me! Sprinkle some love too and we’re on an interesting (but strange) ride. (6/4.5)

–Wannabefob: I only have faint memories of this drama; it wasn’t too bad, but it’s not my style. (3/4)

Meteor Garden (TW)

–Eunii: An oldie but goodie. The other two versions may have better looking actors and better film quality, but I found this drama better than the others in terms of storyline and plot progression. (7/7)

–Wannabefob: The best part of this drama was the piano scene. It is one of the few drama scenes that I remember very clearly. So what if it’s more than ten years old? A classic. (7/7)

Miss No Good (TW)

–Eunii: The female character’s crazy and sort of reminds me of myself, so I fell in love with this drama. Also, Wilber Pan is a hottie and we all know that eye candy is a plus in TV shows (or just anything visual). (9/5)

–Wannabefob: Kind of stupid, but hilarious in the same way. (8.5/5)

Miss Ripley (K)

–Wannabefob: Not nearly as good as I thought it’d be, but then again, the ending wasn’t nearly as dreadful as I thought it’d be either. (7/6.5)

The Moon That Embraces the Sun (K) [Review]

–Eunii: I watched this drama too fast to see and point out all the flaws as my sister did, so as a result, I thought that this was a wonderful drama. But it’s more of the type that gives you a temporary high and it does not make my “favorites” list. Yet I will commend it for its average plot and good-looking characters. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: It’s not as good as the 40+% ratings and drama viewers seem to say, but it’s not too bad – it’s not mediocre. If only it had lived up to its beginning – then it would be on its way to the drama hall of fame. Almost worth your time. (7/7)

Moonlight Resonance (HK)

–Eunii: Never saw Heart of Greed before jumping into this drama, but thankfully, I wasn’t lost when watching this drama since it’s not a direct sequel. This series is intriguing as secrets are revealed and families reunite, but it may take a while for you to get used to the style since it’s more realistic and less like a fairy-tale. (8/8)

–Wannabefob: A drama of complex relationships. (8/7.5)

The Musical (K)

–Eunii: This drama started off well and completely hooked me; however, the plot started to get all over the place. It was becoming quite messy, to the point where it couldn’t redeem itself in time. Too bad- I had high hopes too. (5/4)

My Girl (K)

–Eunii: One of my favorite (if not my favorite) Korean dramas, I never get tired of re-watching this one. This is one of the very few dramas that I’ve actually seen (in its entirety) more than once. (9/8)

–Wannabefob: Combines so many aspects of a good drama into one. (8/8)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/Nine-Tailed Fox (K)

–Eunii: Gu Miho is too cute! The bead, the Hong Sisters, and the sexy hunter, and I’m in. (7.5/7)

–Wannabefob: This drama is filled with loads of cuteness, which isn’t really my type. (6/7)

My Lucky Star (TW)

–Eunii: A woman falls in love, stops tricking people, and starts using her talent for the better. The most annoying part of this drama was the girl’s voice (the actress is Korean, so her voice was dubbed). (8.5/7)

–Wannabefob: The high-pitched dubbing voice irked, annoyed, irritated, and agitated me. Basically, it ruined the drama for me. (4/7)

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (K)

–Eunii: For once, the main female character isn’t super skinny and pretty, and she’s not ditzy or naive. This drama shows that even normal, average-sized girls can win over the hot guy. (8/8)

–Wannabefob: Despite this drama’s wide success, I didn’t feel any special connection to it. (6/7.5)

My Princess (K) [Review]

–Eunii: My expectations for this drama were so high and yet it became so bad that it almost makes me want to cry. It had everything- a great cast, amazing sets and props, but a failing storyline. (6/4)

–Wannabefob: A perfect drama turned bad. (6.5/6.5)

Momo Love (TW) [Review]

–Eunii: Ridiculously slow and boring. I really regret wasting my time on this drama. (2/3)

–Wannabefob: The plot didn’t have much to work with in the first place. (2/2)


Nobuta Wo Produce (J)

–Eunii: I hate how the main girl gets bullied by everyone and doesn’t stand up for herself, but I absolutely love how she has two guys to help her out and give her a makeover, both inside and out. (8/8)


Oh My Lady (K)

–Eunii: Watched it for Choi Siwon, but it wasn’t that great. I didn’t feel any connection to the plot or characters and there was little chemistry. (4/4)

–Wannabefob: Draggy and slow. Finishing the drama was a struggle. (3.5/4)

One Pound Gospel (J)

–Eunii: You can’t go wrong with a wrestler and a nun. This drama was pleasantly unique and the comedy aspect really got me hooked. (7.5/6.5)


Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (J) [Review]

–Eunii: A touching and hilarious drama about a father and daughter who switch bodies. Chemistry between the two characters was amazing and acting was superb. Gave me hope for the Japanese drama industry. (9/8.5)

Pasta (K)

–Eunii: There’s a bunch of chemistry here. The unfortunate thing about this drama is that nothing really happens, but I like watching dramas that aren’t so melodramatic – my heart feels less pain that way. Another plus to this drama – I was able to learn a lot about Italian pasta and food in general. PS- I love chef! (8.5/5)

–Wannabefob: The way the male lead spoke made the drama easier to watch. (6/5)

Personal Taste (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Fine, I’ll admit it- I started this drama for Lee Minho. I liked the whole “gay” scheme and I fell in love with the beautiful traditional house. With that, it’s game over. (8/6)

Pride (J)

–Eunii: Meaningful with important themes as well as a hot lead actor. (7/7.5)

The Prince Turned Into a Frog (TW)

–Eunii: I’ve noticed that many Taiwanese dramas like to pair a rich guy up with a girl from the countryside. Not like I hate it or anything. I commend this drama for its creative use of memory loss. (7/6)

The Princess’ Man (K)

–Eunii: This drama is good. I think that sageuk’s are becoming more of my thing now. From beginning to end, this drama beautifully formed and I got addicted. The end could have been better, but I would say that this drama was still pretty darn good. I love the love in it. So beautiful. (8/8)

Prosecutor Princess (K)

–Eunii: I fell in love with the two main characters of this cute romantic comedy. Plot was interesting but not amazing. (7.5/6)

–Wannabefob: Not too bad, but not especially good. (5/6)


Queen Inhyun’s Man (K)

–Eunii: This drama makes the impossible completely possible. A romance between people from different time eras? No problem. Chemistry between the main leads was a huge plus and kept me hooked. (8/7)

Queen Seondeok (K)

–Eunii: Finally got around to watching this drama that everyone kept raving about, and I actually enjoyed it. Was more on the slower side and some character developments left me disappointed, but was overall a very good drama and one that I’d recommend to people interested in watching a historical drama (and people with the time to do so too). (8/8)

Queen of Reversals (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Park Sihoo is a hottie, but no matter how hot he is, I have to say that divorce is never right. However, I did like how the main girl here gets pushed down but stands back up and proves herself to everyone despite all the hardships that come her way. (6/6)

–Wannabefob: The resignation scene was BOSS. The female leads’ love-hate relationship was sweet. (6/6)


Romance Town (K) [Review]

–Eunii: A little exciting and different from other dramas, but overall draggy and boring – trust me, you won’t miss out on much but opting out of this drama. (5/4)

Rolling Love (TW)

–Eunii: In short, a cute, sincere, earnest chef meets blind girl with a beautiful voice. A sweet drama to watch with enjoyable OST songs. (6/6.5) –I initially wanted to watch this drama, but honestly, it wasn’t as great as I expected it to be. (5/6)


Secret Garden (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Get sizzling chemistry, A-listers, hilarious moments, magic, and tear-jerking scenes, and you got my type of drama. (9/8)

–Wannabefob: Wonderful OST, beautiful acting and actors, and a touch of magic – what more do you need? A better ending. Nonetheless, a sweet drama. (8/8)

Seventh Day (HK)

–Eunii: Funny and touching at the same time. A Hong Kong drama that you do not want to miss out on. (7/8)

–Wannabefob: Sad and dramatic, but still a bit realistic. (7.5/7.5)

Shining Inheritance (K)

–Eunii: This drama rose to the top throughout its run and while it portrayed themes of family, love, and showed how hard work pays off, I did not find any special connection to it (probably because I watched the entire series in one week). (6/7.5)

–Wannabefob: I liked the drama, yet disliked it. (5/7)

Smile, You (K) [Review]

–Eunii: A family drama with great themes- not superficial at all. My favorite thing about this drama is that the main couple sticks together no matter what happens. Even in times of adversity, their trust in each other doesn’t grow weak – instead, it becomes stronger. Loved it. (9/8)

–Wannabefob: The first few episodes were a bit draggy, but things got better. While watching this drama, I have to admit that I thought that Eunii loved it a bit too much. However, I have to say that she had good judgment, and while I personally didn’t fall in love with this drama, it was cute, sweet, and enjoyable. Oh, and 45 episodes? It seemed like 20. (7.5/7.5)

Smiling Pasta (TW)

–Eunii: This is the drama that started my addiction to Asian dramas (although I did watch many TVB dramas as a young child with my mom). I loved this drama and it is a notable one since it’s my first, but if it wasn’t, then it would probably leave less of a mark on my life. (8/5)

–Wannabefob: Cindy Wang was cute and all, but this drama didn’t really appeal to me as it did to my relatives (cough*Eunii*cough) around me. (5/6)

Snow White (K)

–Eunii: An ugly main character who can’t forget her first love transforms into a beautiful woman who finally gets to fall in love with someone and receive love on the other end. (7/6)

–Wannabefob: Pretty average drama; not horrible or exceptional. (5/6)

Soulmates (K)

–Eunii: Went into this drama with pretty high expectations since I heard that it was a good drama. Shouldn’t have done that. I was utterly disappointed and the plot was not strong at all, nor did this “sitcom” have the elements that other sitcoms normally have. The humor wasn’t that great – in fact, it was dull and stupid, and up until the end of the drama, I was never satisfied. (3/5.5)

Spy Myungwol (K)

–Eunii: Started out so well, but it just had to flop as it progressed. Not worth watching- I didn’t even see a need to finish it. (5.5/5.5)

–Wannabefob: The teaser was possibly the best part of the drama. At times, the drama was lighthearted and funny as it was supposed to be, but at other times, it just became a drag and Eunii and I consequently quit midway. (6.5/5.5)

Stairway to Heaven (K)

–Eunii: The other girl here is way too evil. This drama is just too dramatic – it’s the stereotypical drama that everyone thinks of when talking about Korean dramas. (7/8)

–Wannabefob: This drama fulfills the Korean drama stereotype. The beginning was nice and peaceful, but then it became dramatic and sad. (6.5/7)

Stars Falling From The Sky (K) [Review]

–Eunii: There’s way too much drinking in this drama. I understand that the characters are depressed or upset, but I would cut the drinking scenes if I were the director. I would’ve probably quit the drama early on, but I loved the 5 kids and their addition to this drama made it truly enjoyable and different from other ones. (7/5)

Successful Story of a Bright Girl (K)

–Eunii: Country girl plus rich guy equals successful love story – perhaps the trend started here. (6/7)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (K) [Review]

–Eunii: A cute girl pretends to be a boy – how many times have I seen that scenario? But I love it each and every time. Add F4 and bring us back to the old times, and we have something interesting. (7/5)

–Wannabefob: Cute and not too bland. (6.5/7)

Super Rookie (K)

–Eunii: Started it for Han Gain, but other than the main cast, there’s nothing amazing about this. (5/4)

–Wannabefob: Finished the drama within a couple days. It really wasn’t anything special. (4/4.5)

Sweet 18 (K)

–Eunii: This drama makes me giddy. I loved it from start to finish and this is definitely one of my all-time favorites. (9/7)

–Wannabefob: Cute and sweet; [total] opposites attract. (8/8)

Sweet Relationship (TW)

–Eunii: This drama’s light and full of food. Also, the small restaurant really brings in the fuzzy feeling of family, making you want to hop right in. I wish I owned a cozy and homey restaurant like the one here. (8/6)

–Wannabefob: Sweet but slow. (5/6)


Take Care of the Young Lady/My Fair Lady (K)

–Eunii: I expected too much. Everything seemed to be all over the place and in the end, it just failed. (5/4)

–Wannabefob: Bland and contradicting at times. (5/4.5)

Temptation of an Angel (K) [Review]

–Eunii: Nowhere as good as Temptation of Wife and sort of a disappointment. Ending wasn’t so great either. I did like the revenge thing going on though. (7/4)

–Wannabefob: This drama is nothing – NOTHING – compared to Temptation of Wife. (3/5)

Temptation of Wife (K)

–Eunii: One of the best dramas ever. This drama is all about sweet revenge; although its plot seems to go around in circles, once you start, you just can’t stop. (9/6)

–Wannabefob: So repetitive it’s almost stupid, yet so addicting you can’t stop watching. (Note: I gave two objective ratings after my subjective rating; the first one rating is based on the plot, the second rating is based on the drama as a whole.) (8.5/6|8)

They Kiss Again (TW)

–Eunii: Because they’re already married, the sweet couple of this drama doesn’t need to fall in love again, so we’re past all that drama. They get to express their love as they see fit, being married and all. Love how this drama continues on past just getting together, which many dramas often fail to do. And as a sequel it really isn’t too bad! (8/7)

Three Dads and One Mom (K)

–Eunii: Awww, three guys are willing to take care of a kid that’s not even theirs, and to make things even more interesting, they all fall in love with the main character. Now that’s a first. (6/5)

–Wannabefob: Cute and original. (6.5/6)

Time Between Dog and Wolf (K)

–Eunii: Out of all the action dramas that I’ve seen, this one is undoubtedly my favorite. Lee Junki is a hottie and the entire storyline had me completely addicted with this series. (9/8)

–Wannabefob: Intense and suspenseful. I only watched some parts of the drama so it wasn’t especially memorable, but I’d watch it again. (8/8)




What Happened in Bali (K)

–Eunii: Profound with a dark ending, but not really my thing. I learned from this drama that the world is corrupt, scary place to live in. Let’s just say that this drama isn’t one of the nicer, easy-going ones. (5/8)

Winter Sonata (K)

–Eunii: Melodramatic and unrealistic but interesting and easily addicting. Beware, for this drama may make you cry (although it didn’t make me cry, but that’s just because I never cry while watching dramas). (7/8)

–Wannabefob: I’d choose this drama over Stairway to Heaven any day. Dramatic, tear-jerking, and 100% Hallyu. (7/7.5)

Witch Yoo Hee (K)

–Eunii: This is another one of my favorite dramas. Han Gain is beautiful and her transformation blew me away. I surely grew a girl crush on her after this drama. (9/7)

–Wannabefob: Like Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, this was one of the first Korean dramas I really enjoyed. Loved the transformation aspect and how the males were the ones doing the housework. (8/7)

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (K) [Review]

–Eunii: This is one of those other dramas that I sped through. I enjoyed watching the love story between the two main characters, although the 10 year gap kind of frightened me. I also liked the friends theme here, which was prevalent throughout the duration of this drama. (8.5/7)

–Wannabefob: I actually tried not to like this drama, but it didn’t really work. (6.5/7)

Women of the Sun (K)

–Eunii: Intense but very unrealistic. Yet honestly, I really liked this drama and my entire family enjoyed it as well. I loved all the dramatic scenes and the deep secrets and lies woven into this series. (8/7)

–Wannabefob: Compelling and unforgettable. Good character development and complexity. (8/7.5)

Wonderful Life (K)

–Eunii: A realistic drama that shows the difficulties of raising a child as a young parent; the chemistry between the main characters was not the best, but their little girl made up for it. (5/4)

–Wannabefob: Why yes, it is a wonderful life, and it is hard raising for a child at a young age. (5/5)

The World They Live In (K)

–Eunii: Way too slow and realistic for me – just not my type of drama. Many, however, found this drama quite thought-provoking and meaningful. (4/6)



You’re Beautiful (K) [Review]

–Eunii: A wonderful Hong Sisters drama with a hot cast and a cute pig-rabbit. The plot isn’t much to swoon about but hey, even my mom loved this drama and she hardly watches Korean dramas with me. (9/6)

–Wannabefob: Didn’t understand all the hype. (4.5/6.5)