A list of Korean songs whose lyrics I have romanized or translated (or both). If taking out, please give credits to Wannabefob or the source listed. Collaborations between more than 2 singers/groups are on the top under collaborations. All links include the Hangul.

**Accepting requests for romanization and translation**

[R] indicates that romanization and no translation is included, [T] indicates that translation and no romanization is included, and [R+T] indicates that both are included. Listed by artist.


After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Kan Mi Yeon, K. Will, Suki, Tei – Snow Village [R]

Goo Inhee, No Youngjae, Park Jaebeom – Summer Dream [T]

Kim Donghyun and Lee Haeri – Reminiscence (Kim Sungho) [T]

Kim Dongryul and Friends – The Way We Live in the World [T]


2AM – Changmin – Don’t Swallow [R]

2AM ft. Baek Chan and Jo Hee of 8eight – I Love You [R+T]

2AM – Intro [R+T]

2AM – Smiling (Outro) [R+T]

2AM – Sorry I Can’t Smile for You [R+T]

2AM ft. Chansung of 2PM – To Her [R+T]

2AM – Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die [R+T]

2PM – Gimme the Light [R+T]

2PM – Heartbeat [R+T]

2PM – I Was Crazy About You [R+T]

2PM – My Heart [R+T]

2PM – Tik Tok [R+T]

2PM – Tired of Waiting [R+T]


Ailee ft. Yiruma – Higher [T]

Alex Chu – Flowerpot [T]


BEAST/B2ST (duets) – When the Door Closes, Thanks To [R+T]




Davichi – Don’t Look For Me Again [R+T]

Davichi – From Me to You [T]

Davichi – Missing You Today [T]

Davichi – Song of Sad Love [T]

Davichi – Time, Please Stop [T]

Dynamic Duo (ft. Ra.D) – Father [T]


Exhibition – First Love [T]

Exhibition – Graduation [T]


g.o.d – Into the Sky [T]

g.o.d – To My Mother [T]


Im Jaebeom – Everyone (Yoon Bokhee) [T] (note: this is actually a translation of the same song performed by Son Seungyeon [I listed the song under her name below], but Im Jaebeom’s rendition is more well-known and the lyrics are the same, hence I listed the song under his name here also).


Justin Kim – One More Step (Yoon Sang) [T]

JYJ – In Heaven [R+T]


Kang Minkyung – Love Is Leaving (Kim Gunmo) [T]

Kim Bumsoo – Please [T]

Kim Gunmo – Beautiful Farewell [T]

Kim Dongryul – Song from a Long Time Ago [T]

Kim Kwangseok – Around Thirty [T]

Kim Tae Woo ft. Slime Droplet- Love Snow [R]


Lee Haeri – Sunflower (Park Sangmin) [T]

Lee Jeok – That Day From Long Ago (Yoon Jongshin) [T]

Lee Jeok – With You [T]

Lee Moon Sae – Girl [T]

Lee Seung Gi ft. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung – Just Like the First Time [R]

Lee Yoonji – First Love [T]

Lim Jeonghee – Tears Didn’t Fall [T]


Ra.D ft. Shin Jisoo – It’s Been a Long Time [T]


SES – With Me [R]

Shin Seunghun – Just Like the Feeling of the First Time [R+T]

Shin Seunghun – You Are Just at a Place Higher Than Me [R+T]

Shin Yongjae (4men) – This Song (2AM) [T]

Son Seungyeon – Everyone (Yoon Bokhee) [T]

Sung Sikyung – Tomorrow’s Things to Do (Yoon Jongshin) [T]


Taeyeon – Missing You Like Crazy [T]

Taeyang – Wedding Dress [R+T]


Vibe – I Want to Meet You Once [T]

V.O.S – You Flow From Me.. [T]


Wonder Girls – Sorry [T]


Yoochun – An Empty Space For You [R+T]

Yoon Gun – Healing is Needed (October Rain) [T]

Younha – The Real Reason Why We Broke Up [T]


Zitten – Tok Tok [T]

Zitten – Try [T]

Zitten – Whale [T]

Zitten – White Night [T]