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While I’m not normally a fan of songs that have  a choir-like echo of background singers, the first time I heard “The Way We Live in the World” and understood the gist of it, I really enjoyed its meaningful lyrics. That said, I knew I wanted to translate it; but actually putting the insightful lyrics into easily comprehensible English clauses that sound as elegantly composed/stated as the actual Korean clauses is a quite a bit different from appreciating the Korean lyrics for what they are. The song is part of Kim Dongryul’s album “kimdongrYULE” released in 2011, featuring Yoo Heeyeol, Lee Sangsoon, Yoon Sang, Jung Jaehyung, Na Yoonkwon, Sweet Sorrow, Lena Park, Jung Soonyong, Ha Donggyun, John Park, Harim, Lee Jeok, Lee Younghyun, and Kim Jaesuk (for a total of 18 singers).

Although my translation is inadequate, enjoy the song and hopefully my translation will help you make sense of the beauty of the lyrics: Continue reading

It isn’t quite the timing of graduation as the song title implies, but recently I have been listening a bit to Kim Dongryul, and this track was one I found to be interesting, particularly because Kim Dongryul wrote this song with his own impending graduation from Yonsei University in mind, and I felt the song’s lyrics intriguingly relatable to a [romantic] break-up in addition to a graduation. Something about the uncertainty of ends to things like graduations often makes me afraid or at least uneasy about them – I’m not sure if this only pertains to a graduation, or ends in general, but there’s a feeling of knowing that you need to move onto different (and perhaps greater) things twinged with hesitancy because you don’t know what exactly lies ahead and what exactly you will be leaving behind in going forward.

Some other Kim Dongryul songs that I have been listening to, some of which I’ll hopefully get around to translating sometime soon are ‘출발,’ ‘첫사랑,’ ‘그대가 너무 많은,‘ ‘귀향’ and ‘하늘 높이’  (Sorry for not translating the song titles, as I am unsure of some of the translations myself.) Continue reading